Grays Harbor Community Hospital Announces Reduction in Force

More reductions are planned to staff at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen. A press release from Nancee Long, Director of marketing and public relations said that metrics reports are showing the hospital is at a lower level of efficiency than thought, and a reduction in staff is required.

The press release said, “Over many years, with the best of intentions, we have added people and resources to our hospital, but our volumes have steadily decreased. This has created a serious situation that must be fixed immediately. We are working with Navigant to determine what specific changes we can make in the short and longer term, and we have confidence that we are identifying and prioritizing critical issues and solutions.”

We reported last year that hospital administrators were being asked to do more with less, and a new metrics system was to tell them where we sat compared to other hospitals like ours across the United States.

Administrators at Grays Harbor Community Hospital Asked to Do More With Less

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The press release from Long continued, “There has been a rapid assessment of productivity benchmarks and we have come to the conclusion that we must achieve a higher percentage of efficiency than originally speculated. This will mean a reduction in staff.”

No specific details were given yet on which employees or departments will be affected.

Long concluded in the press release, “Beginning Monday, March 12, departments will be required to show their plans for meeting this benchmark. We will be transparent in our communications, sending weekly updates to providers, staff and the media to keep everyone informed of our actions. All appropriate measures are being taken to assure this reduction in force is done in the most compassionate manner. These swift, measured decisions are not taken lightly but are mandatory for financial stability.