Grays Harbor Community Hospital Adding 13 Nurses, 12 are from Grays Harbor College

Grays Harbor Community Hospital has offered positions to 13 new RN’s to join the staff at the hospital. A press release from the hospital on Thursday said that due to reformed initiatives increasing emphasis on primary care, prevention, wellness and chronic disease as well as the growth for community-based care, jobs for nurses are abundant in our region and many others.

The hospital said in the release that With the collaboration between Grays Harbor College and the hospital, the nursing students are able to complete their clinical rotations at our hospital as well as provide a preceptorship in a field of interest. Upon graduating, the students may apply into a residency program and become part of the Grays Harbor Community Hospital staff. “We, in turn, fill nursing shortages with people from our community.”

“Grays Harbor College has been a huge asset to our organization and 12 of the new nurses are coming directly from their campus,” says Melanie Brandt, CNO at Grays Harbor Community Hospital. “We look forward to training and working with these new RN’s as they help care for their community.”

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