Fourth batch of State Route 520 Bridge Pontoons to float from Aberdeen

The fourth cycle of pontoons headed for the State Route 520 bridge will be floating out of the Aberdeen casting basin in early April. “We’ve had 3 completed so far, it’ll be the 4th.” Deputy Executive Director at the Port of Grays Harbor Leonard Barnes told commissioners in February “I expect [the date] to change -with weather, construction, it’s kind of a moving target. But I expect some time in April we’ll have our forth float-out.” The commissioners heard yesterday that the new target date is April 15th.
Just like the last three undertakings, the huge concrete structures need to leave the port facility during the highest tides possible. Barnes said we’ll also see some of the pontoons that are anchored near John’s River moving in the coming months. “There are some out by John’s River, they are close to getting ready for those in SeattleAberdeen Casting Basin - Port of Grays Harbor - 2013, I would expect in the next 60 days we’ll see some activity where those will come back to our marine terminal, and those will get moved up and around to the lake.”
Washington State Department of Transportation contractors are building 77 pontoons, 33 from Aberdeen and 44 from Tacoma. The pontoons are stored at a moorage facility in Grays Harbor until they are towed 260 nautical miles around the Olympic Peninsula to Lake Washington for the new State Route 520 floating bridge.