Family Located After Parents Get Lost Finding Kids at Lake Sylvia State Park

A Montesano family was reunited after a search of Lake Sylvia State Park in Montesano Sunday evening. Montesano Police Chief Brett Vance reports no injuries after a 10-year-old and 14-year-old went missing from parents on the trails around 7:20 PM Sunday. The family reported a 10-year-old missing at the ranger’s home on the park grounds.

Montesano police responded and began a search, along with park rangers and deputies in the area.

Vance said he contacted the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and activated the local Search and Rescue team as local officers, park rangers, and deputies from the sheriff’s office began their search of the trails. Vance was able to quickly cancel that activation when a deputy spotted the family, reunited, on a logging road nearly 2 miles from the park around 8:45 PM. The children and parents declined treatment by responders.

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The parents had apparently made the missing report then immediately returned to searching. It appeared that they located the kids themselves, but became turned around on their way back and were lost. Vance said that by the end of Sunday, responders found two sets of lost people.

Vance wanted to thank the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office and deputies, as well as the park rangers – including one from Ocean Shores, for their quick response.

The US Forest Service recommends that if you are in the forest and get lost you should Stop. Do not continue to walk through the forest, as this may make you even more confused and lost than before. Stay calm, stay put. Panic is your greatest enemy. Make a plan. If you are not very, very confident in the route, then it’s always better to stay put. If it’s nightfall, you are injured or you are near exhaustion, stay in place.