The “Crazy Idea” That Led to Taylor Swift’s Role in “The Giver”

By Andrea Dresdale

Courtesy The Weinstein CompanyMost people who aren’t professional actors have to audition for roles in big Hollywood films, but Taylor Swift isn’t most people. The producer of Taylor’s new movie The Giver says her team approached Taylor directly and offered her a role after one of the executives got a “crazy idea.”

Taylor plays the small yet important role of Rosemary in the movie, which opens on Friday. At the film’s New York City premiere Monday night, producer Nikki Silver told ABC News Radio, “Taylor Swift is a very interesting story; we had actually written the part of Rosemary as a piano player even before we ever thought of [her]. Then, one of the executives at the Weinstein Company was at a Taylor Swift concert and said, ‘I have this really crazy idea.'”

“We met with her and she’s just…she’s fantastic,” Silver added. “Her dedication to this role, the time she spent with [her co-star] Jeff Bridges, trying to hone her craft and really learn it — she’s just an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent young woman.”

So, does Silver think Taylor has what it takes to forge a real acting career? “I …read more

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