Josh Groban Says "A Really Good Woman" Could Stop His Hoarder Tendencies

By Andrea Dresdale

ABC/Bob D’AmicoJosh Groban is currently unattached, but he says when he does find “the one,” she’ll force him to get rid of all the weird stuff he’s got cluttering up his house.

Speaking to USA Today, Josh says he has a penchant for collecting things, some of the odd. “I’m an instrument guy,” he explains. “My main instruments are pianos and drums. I have five pianos and three drum sets. Between instruments and tchotchkes, my home is filled with weird memorabilia and truck-stop shot glasses that I have collected on the road.”

“I have to explain myself when people come to my home — ‘I realize I may seem like Tom Hanks in Big. It’s just how I do me,'” he adds.

However, the right girl just might be enough to make him change his hoarding ways. The Rising Star host tells USA Today, “At some point, a really, really good woman is going to make me clean all of this up.”

Right now, Josh is promoting the auction of a very special instrument: a Kermit-green piano that’s been autographed by 18 of the stars of Muppets Most Wanted, including …read more

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