Sarah McLachlan on Reviving Lilith Fair: “There Are No Plans” but “You Never Know”

By Shane Lou

Credit: Kharen HillSarah McLachlan is at the tail end of a U.S. headlining tour in support of her latest album, Shine On, but she says it’s another one of her tours — one she did years ago — that everyone is still interested in: Lilith Fair.

Lilith Fair, a traveling music festival that ran from 1997 to 1999, featured only female artists, or female-led bands. It was considered a watershed cultural moment of the ’90s, though an attempted revival in 2010 was a bust. Still, Sarah says people still ask her about it, which she feels is because people have such fond memories of the original incarnation.

“Almost every interview, that is a discussion, yeah,” she tells ABC News Radio, “I equate that to it being a really important time, and really effecting some great positive change. You know, there are no plans [to do another one]. It was a huge undertaking, and it was sort of a happening that happened organically, in a time and a place that really needed it.”

While the idea of an all-female festival may have been a startling one back in the …read more

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