Rixton Says Everyone Can Relate to “Me and My Broken Heart”

By Andrea Dresdale

Credit: Lindsey ByrnesRixton is the latest British act to climb the U.S. charts, thanks to their hit “Me and My Broken Heart.” Lead singer Jake Roche says unfortunately, he was able to relate to it only too well.

“It was the last song that we recorded for the EP and the album,” Jake tells ABC News Radio. “The funny thing is, before we went and recorded it, I split up with my girlfriend. I did have the broken heart.”

But the song doesn’t sound sad, and that’s part of its appeal, according to the guys.

“It’s kind of got this kind of reggae-filled vibe to it, hasn’t it?” says Jake. “And this kind of hip-hop drumbeat. So yeah, we’re so happy we’ve led [with] this [as] our first single because we love this song.” Drummer Lewi Morgan adds, “I think anyone can relate to it, really…everyone at some stage of their life’s gone through some form of heartbreak. I usually say it’s a longingness for love, and an anthem for broken hearts.”

“I also think the music is quite universal for that song, because it’s upbeat but…it’s not too teeny-bopper, …read more

From: Adult Contemporary Music News From ABC