Maroon 5 Guitarist Talks “Maps,” Saying “Fore!” on the Fourth

By Andrea Dresdale

Vincent Perini/222 Records/InterscopeMaroon 5 hasn’t announced a full-fledged tour yet, but they’re doing a few dates here and there, including a Fourth of July performance in West Virginia during the Greenbrier Classic, a big golf tournament. The band is excited about the gig because, as guitarist James Valentine explains, they’ve all become golf addicts thanks to Adam Levine.

“This is going to be amazing,” James tells ABC News Radio about the gig at the tournament. “Adam’s gotten all of us into golf now, pretty much, except for Mickey [Madden, our bass player]. We’re not gonna get Mickey on the golf course anytime soon.” But James says the fact that most of them are now hitting the links has enabled them to strengthen their relationships.

“It’s funny, like, golf has become a great thing for the band, because we don’t generally just hang out,” he explains. “But now that we golf, we spend a lot more time together, and it’s just like…It’s just a sign of us getting old, I guess!”

James says after years of being a working musician, he doesn’t even mind having to work on the …read more

From: Adult Contemporary Music News From ABC