Colbie Caillat on Why She Scrapped the Original Footage of Her New Lyric Video: “I’m Too Embarrassed by It!”

By Andrea Dresdale

Andrew Southam/Republic RecordsOn Wednesday, Colbie Caillat released a lyric video for one of her new songs, “Live It Up,” which is about conquering your fears. To illustrate this point, the video features footage of her skydiving, but she admits she used footage of her second dive of the day…because she just looked way too unattractive during the first dive.

“I wanted it to be something fun and crazy and something no one else has done for a video before,” Colbie she tells ABC News Radio. “And I was like, ”You know what, I want to go skydiving again, somewhere beautiful.’ And…I chose not to wear a jumpsuit the first jump, and it was so embarrassing! I might end up, like, putting it out at some point, but I’m too embarrassed by it!”

Why was it so embarrassing? Because it turns out if you jump out of a plane without a jumpsuit on, the effect of the wind against your body causes your skin to flap up and down wildly, and it looks, well, weird.

“You know, skin flapping in the wind is not very attractive!” Colbie …read more

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