Aloe Blacc Doesn't Mind Being "The 'Wake Me Up' Guy"

By Andrea Dresdale

XIX Recordings/Interscope RecordsBy now, you’ve heard the song “Wake Me Up,” credited to Swedish deejay and producer Avicii, countless times, but you may still not know too much about Aloe Blacc, the guy who’s actually singing on the song, and who co-wrote it. But Aloe says he’s doesn’t mind that he’s still sort of anonymous: he’s just glad that “Wake Me Up” provided him with the perfect introduction to a whole group of potential new fans.

“‘Wake Me Up’ gave me a chance to showcase my voice and my lyric-writing and I think if people fell in love with that then there’s probably a residual effect for the other songs that I put into the marketplace,” he tells ABC News Radio. Those “other songs” include “The Man,” a recent top 10 hit whose chorus features a quote from Elton John’s classic “Your Song.” Elton gets a songwriting credit on that tune, so in fact, Aloe Blacc was indirectly responsible for Elton’s first top 10 hit since 1997.

Another song you may not even realize is by Aloe is “I Need a Dollar,” the theme song …read more

From: Adult Contemporary Music News From ABC