Elton John Is the UK's Most Charitable Musician

By Andrea Dresdale

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for EJAFIn addition to recording and touring the world non-stop, Elton John spends much of his time raising money for charity. He’s so good at it that he’s now topped the Sunday TimesAnnual Giving List, which surveys which U.K. residents are the most generous when it comes to philanthropy.

According to the Times, Elton has directly raised or given more than 24 million pounds — that’s more than $40 million — in the past year, including raising more than $23 million alone for his AIDS foundations in the U.K. and the U.S.

One Direction is the second most generous musical act on the list, contributing $3.54 million to various causes, including money they raised for the British charity Comic Relief through the release of a single, and the money they raised for an anti-bullying campaign in the U.S. through sales of branded school supplies.

The members of Coldplay are third on the list of most charitable musicians, donating just under $440,000 to Sport Relief, another British charity. Their foundation, meanwhile, also made donations of about $3 million. Coldplay frontman Chris Martin …read more

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