Latest “American Idol” Eliminated Contestant: It Would Be “Amazing if Harry Was My Mentor”

By ABC News Radio

Michael Becker/FOXAmerican Idol continues Wednesday night as the remaining contestants sing their original audition songs, this time on the big Idol stage. But for viewers and judges alike, it seems like it’s been a struggle for this year’s hopefuls to translate those magical audition moments into commanding performances over the past few weeks. Majesty Rose, an early frontrunner who was eliminated last week, says she thinks she might know why.

According to Majesty, many of this year’s contestants — such as herself — simply don’t have a lot of performing experience, while those who do, like Jessica Meuse or Alex Preston, only ever performed on a small scale. “It’s a different thing,” Majesty tells ABC News Radio. “For Jess, she played at smoky bars…it’s a very crowded environment where people are doing their own thing. And so it’s not like she’s commanding attention all of the time. Same thing for Alex…he played at small places.”

“It is something to get used to, to just really open yourself up to millions of people!” adds Majesty.

One contestant who doesn’t have any issues with this, however, is Caleb Johnson. …read more

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