Christina Perri Can’t Decide Between “Head or Heart”

By Andrea Dresdale

Atlantic RecordsGo with what you know, or what you feel? That’s the choice we all make when it comes to relationships, and that’s the struggle that Christina Perri addresses in her brand-new album Head or Heart, in stores now.

The long-awaited follow-up to Christina’s hit debut album lovestrong, the album features the single “Human,” which soundtracked a moving routine Monday night on Dancing with the Stars from Amy Purdy, who lost her legs to meningitis at age 19 and is now a Paralympic snowboarding star.

“It just sets up, sonically, album two, because it’s a very new, kind of young, really modern sound,” Christina tells ABC News Radio about “Human.” As for the album’s Head or Heart title, she says, “I struggle, like, I think, every human. I don’t know which one to trust in relationships, and so for the past three years, I think I’ve chosen wrong each time!”

So while writing the album, Christina decided not to choose. “Half the album are head songs, half of them are heart songs, and you have to decide — because I’m still undecided myself — which you trust,” she explains. …read more

From: Adult Contemporary Music News From ABC