A Great Big World: "Say Something" Creates Online "Group Therapy Session" for Fans

By Shane Lou

ABC/Richard HarbaughA Great Big World has experienced success beyond their wildest dreams thanks to “Say Something,” their hit duet with Christina Aguilera. But what matters more to them than downloads and chart positions is how the song has been personally affecting their fans. It’s something they can see every day online.

“Before [we made] the music video, we put up a streaming version of the song on YouTube,” recalls the duo’s Ian Axel. “And people just started using that as a place to just vent and spill their guts and talk about things that it feels like, from reading [the comments], they’ve never talked about with anybody. And people are responding like an open group therapy session.”

“Say Something” was written by Ian and his musical partner, Chad Vaccarino, about heartbreaking romantic situations, but Ian says it’s amazing how their fans have applied the lyrics to other personal situations.

“They’re saying, ‘It reminds me of this time in my life,’ ‘it reminds me…of my grandpa, it reminds me of my brother when he was in a coma,'” he tells ABC News Radio. “Which is crazy.”

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