Dead Battery Bandits Fail to Steal Box Full of Dead Batteries

A pair of bandits failed to pull off their caper early this morning, instead, they dragged a large box full of car batteries about a block away from the Fairway Grocery Store in Hoquiam. Sergent Jeff Salstrom with the Hoquiam Police Department said it was the funniest thing he’s seen in a while.

It appears the would-be bandits attached their 2002 Toyota Corolla to the door of the wooden battery box attempting to break the lock. Instead of breaking the door they dragged the box behind the car for about a block before getting stuck in a nearby alley.

Salstrom said the box and a couple hundred pounds of car batteries were found in an alley near the Fairway along with the car and two suspects. A 29-year-old man and a 26-year-old Hoquiam woman were arrested on related charges.

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An Officer from Cosmopolis was the first on the scene, returning from an agency assists in Hoquiam. Officers from Hoquiam and Aberdeen also responded to the 2500 block of Sumner Avenue just before 4 am Thursday. A 911 caller reported that the suspects pulled a gun on them, but no mention was made of a weapon being recovered.

The batteries are used and of little value to most people. The store purchases them to be reconditioned and stores them in the large wooden box.