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Blind corner accident causes chain reaction, minor injuries

In all five trucks, an SUV, the home, and the semi were damaged, the home was unoccupied at the time.

The truck driver, a 41 year old Neilton man, was not injured. The State Patrol reports the cause of the accident is under investigation.

Photos courtesy Daniel Priebe

Enrollment opens November 1 for Washington’s GET Program

Lochner affirms that GET is a very good option, especially for families with young children. “Parents starting early can save literally thousands of dollars on the future cost of college,” she said.

GET’s Web site at offers details, charts, planning tools and answers for questions families may have about the program. Accounts can be opened online, and Customer Service is ready to help at (800) 955-2318 or [email protected].

Port of Grays Harbor looks to buy NewWood facility from receivership

ELMA, Wash. – A sale of the mothballed NewWood facility at the Satsop Business Park could be on the horizon again, this time with a lot more public money involved. Exact details will be discussed at a public meeting 9 o’clock Tuesday morning at the Port Commissioners’ meeting room in Aberdeen.
Manager at the Satsop Business Park Alissa Shay tells us “On Tuesday we will be recommending to the Port commissioners that the Port of Grays Harbor purchase the assets of the New Wood Corporation from the receiver, we are also proposing that we sign a letter of intent with a company to operate the facility.”
The building turns wood waste and recycled plastic into a composite wood, and has yet to see a fruitful market despite efforts by Office Max, Boise Cascade and the previous owners, at full steam the mill employs as many as 150. Shay said it’s all a bit complicated and will be explained in detail at the special meeting.
The Montesano Vidette has a full article available for subscribers on their website,  or check next week’s edition with an update from the meeting.

School zone sting nets 11 in under 35 minutes in Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Police Department is asking the motoring public to drive safely at all times. Special care should be demonstrated around all the area schools. 

With Halloween night just around the corner this is a good time for the Aberdeen Police Department to remind the public to drive safely in our neighborhoods as many people will be out trick or treating. 

It is expected that additional traffic enforcement emphasis details will be occurring in the future. A second traffic emphasis is planned for the area of A.J. West tomorrow on 10/31/13.

WDFW tentatively schedules razor clam digs through December, New Year’s Eve

Dates, beaches, and evening low tides for the proposed end-of-the-year digs are as follows:

  • Nov. 30, Saturday, 4:28 pm; -0.1 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 1, Sunday, 5:13 pm; -0.9 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks
  • Dec. 2, Monday, 5:59 pm; -1.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks
  • Dec. 3, Tuesday, 6:44 pm; -1.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks
  • Dec. 4, Wednesday, 7:30 pm; -1.7 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 5, Thursday, 8:17 pm; -1.4 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 6, Friday, 9:05 pm; -1.0 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 7, Saturday, 9:56 pm; -0.3 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 14, Saturday, 4:45 pm; -0.1 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 15, Sunday, 5:26 pm; -0.3 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbor, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 16, Monday, 6:03 pm; -0.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 17, Tuesday, 6:38 pm; -0.4 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 18, Wednesday, 7:12 pm; -0.3 feet; Twin Harbors
  • Dec. 29, Sunday, 4:05 pm; -0.2 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 30, Monday, 4:55 pm; -0.9 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks
  • Dec. 31, Tuesday, 5:42 pm; -1.4 feet; Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks

Under state law, diggers can take 15 razor clams per day and are required to keep the first 15 they dig. Each digger’s clams must be kept in a separate container.

All diggers age 15 or older must have an applicable 2013-14 fishing license to harvest razor clams on any beach. Licenses, ranging from a three-day razor clam license to an annual combination fishing license, are available on WDFW’s website at and from license vendors around the state.

Comprehensive information about razor clams – from updates on tentative digs to how-to advice on digging and cooking – is available at .

Bike-ninjas and crosswalks top concerns at second Aberdeen ward meeting

City council candidate Michelle Barclay said she worries about the kids in front of the school “Because you’ll have four or five, ten kids crossing the crosswalk at any one time, right in front of the school. And when we’re all parked out there like the cars are now, you can’t see who’s in front of that minivan.” she asked if they wrote down license plates, would the city mail out gentle reminders rather than citations.
Police Chief Bob Torgerson replied “I like the idea of the letter. Part of the problem is that a police officer has to witness this occur, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t send out the gentle reminder that ‘you’re running a stop sign’.”
About 40 residents and city staff attended the second of four meetings to discuss issues in the city. 
The next meeting starts at 6:30 on November 4th at Robert Gray, then the final meeting will be held at McDermoth on the 8th. A town hall meeting will be held early next year to address concerns raised at these meetings.

Council stalls decision on funding for Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center

WESTPORT, Wash. – The City Council last night tabled the decision on what to do with the Westport/Grayland Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. At a standing room only council meeting, they considered cutting funding, and moving the VIC to City Hall.Local business owner Bill Wolfenbarger* said they weren’t looking at the bigger picture “the bigger picture is not Westport versus Grayland, which is unincorporated, and whether Westport puts money into the chamber or not. The question is whether the city of Westport should contribute to the greater welfare of the whole South beach area. Can’t you do that? Don’t you recognize that people who go to Grayland come to Westport?”
Council Desire Dodson said the idea has been discussed for years, but she’s changed her mind “when I took some time to actually go out and talk to some of you, I wondered why this is happening without having talked to anybody. Here we are at a year when we’re going into a centennial and we have so much coordinating to do and so much information to get out there. This is a really bad year to be doing this.” Council voted to take the issue up again at their second meeting in November.
*Note: Bill Wolfenbarger is the President of Jodesha Broadcasting, owner of this radio station.

Westport Mayor Michael Bruce to host crude by rail info meeting

WESTPORT, Wash. – The City of Westport is hosting a town hall meeting to discuss crude by rail in Grays Harbor. Mayor Michael Bruce announced the meeting was oprganized at the request of council, and will answer questions about the potential impacts of petroluem exports from the Port of Grays Harbor terminals in Hoquiam. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. November 12th at McCausland Hall on the grounds of the Westport Maritime Museum.

Local businesses warned of check writing scam hitting Western Washington

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – The North Beach Chamber of Commerce in Ocean Shores tells us they have been advised that there is a large ring of people involved in a check writing scam who have hit 45 businesses from Grays Harbor to Pacific County and as far south as Astoria. Local businesses are circulating a list of names associated with the scam, the chamber says you should be suspicious of any large check amounts even if the name does not appear on the list.

Grays Harbor College Foundation awards scholarships, including two from Bi-Mart

According to the Bi-Mart announcement of the scholarships, the employees “hope to have a positive and powerful impact on the lives of the student recipients, with the long-term goal of helping GHC prepare students for employment.”

In acknowledging the new scholarships, GHC Foundation President Shelli Hopsecger expressed appreciation to the corporation, adding “the College Foundation encourages other area businesses to join Bi-Mart in supporting GHC students realize their dreams of an education.

“This community continues to be so generous to our College students, a tradition that began more than 80 years when the College first open,” she remarked.