United Way of Grays Harbor to Honor Lynn Daneker

Aberdeen, WA- The United Way Grays Harbor will hold its annual Board of Directors and Membership meeting at the Grays Harbor Country Club, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 from 12 Noon- 1:30 p.m. Plate lunch and beverages will be served, followed by the short business meeting and recognition ceremony.

The board and membership will elect new board members/officers and review the annual budget for approval, which includes agency program funding for 2012-2013. A report on the results achieved from last year’s funding will also be given. The Joel Wolff Lifetime Community Service Award will be presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to our community, along with the United Way of Grays Harbor’s Business of the Year award. Lynn Daneker will also be recognized with an award named in his honor, The Lynn Daneker Outstanding Service Award, presented to a Board Member that has exemplified Lynn’s example of caring, commitment and dedication to the United Way of Grays Harbor Board of Directors.

All persons who contributed to the United Way in the 2011-2012 fundraising campaign are members of the organization and are invited to this meeting. The cost will be $25 at the door or $20 in advance.

More information is available by calling the United Way office at 532-6260.

AHAB Siren Testing Monday June 4th

Montesano, WA – Washington State Emergency Management Division will conduct its monthly countywide AHAB (All Hazard Alert Broadcast) Siren test on Monday, June 04, 2012, at noon.

AHAB sirens are located in Pacific Beach, Copalis Beach, Ocean City, Ocean Shores, Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Moclips, Westport and Grayland. All Grays Harbor County sirens will be included in the test beginning at noon.

AHAB sirens have a range of about one mile in radius depending on topography and weather. The activation will be Westminster Chimes followed by a test voice message.

These sirens are meant to provide emergency notification to people who are OUTDOORS! Citizens, businesses and local and tribal governments are encouraged to obtain and maintain a working NOAA Weather Radio for indoor notification.

Please DO NOT CALL 911 regarding this testing. If you have any questions or reports regarding the test, please contact Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at 360-249-3911 or ghcdem@co.grays-harbor.wa.us.

Area Sheriff Departments Sign Inter Local Agreement

From Left clockwise around the table, (Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield, Grays Harbor County Sheriff Mike Whelan,Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza, Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury,Mason County Chief Deputy Osterhut,Mason County Undersheriff Barrett,Thurston County Undersheriff Braniff,Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson and Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott).This agreement formalizes the purpose, services, and authority. This agreement is similar to the one signed by Sheriff Johnson in May of 2011 with Wahkiakum & Cowlitz counties in Washington, and Columbia and Clatsop counties in Oregon. That agreement also gave mutual police powers between each county, and it has allowed Drug Task Force deputies to make arrests on persons trafficking narcotics interstate.

“We are making great strides in developing relationships with other agencies that significantly benefit our local communities”, Sheriff Johnson said. “Sharing resources and personnel, often at no cost, are huge during these tough economic times”. The Sheriff’s were careful to note that they would not invoke the agreement on everyday routine calls, but would feel free to call on one another when a major incident occurs and local staffing was inadequate.

Simpson Avenue Bridge to Close 4 Weeks to Wrap Repairs

Simpson Bridge Pier Repair Detour Map

Due to the US 101 Simpson Avenue Bridge closure, motor vehicle traffic is being detoured onto the nearby Riverside Bridge, which has been reconfigured to accommodate two-way traffic.

Below: Downtown Hoquiam is open for business and can be accessed via SR 109 during the closure.  Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the map.

Man Breaks Into Radio Station to Change The Channel

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A man tried to reprogram a radio station on the South side of Aberdeen for a Memorial Day treat to his listeners yesterday. Police Captain John Green tells KBKW on May 28th just before 4 PM officers were called to the report of a suspicious person in the 1300 block of Coolidge road. Green said the responding officer found a broken window, and circled the building. The suspect was found attempting to climb out of the broken window carrying food and a glass award of some kind.
The 26 year old man later admitted to entering the empty radio station to “find some food and to change the channel,” he told officers he may have talked on the radio, and was trying to program a “full on rock block” Memorial Day weekend.

Stark Resilient World HQ Located in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, inventor, philanthropist, noted ladies man and superhero, has chosen to locate his sustainable energy initiative Stark Resilient world headquarters in Aberdeen, Washington. Local blogger Justin Barlow first noted the change in Invincible Iron Man Issue #517.

“We are pleased to learn that Iron Man has decided to locate such an important branch of his company to the sustainability hotbed that is Grays Harbor,” said Callie White, communications director for Greater Grays Harbor, Inc., the regional economic development council and chamber of commerce. “We think he can learn from our companies’ use of biomass, and maybe encourage some tourism by bringing in his Avenger friends.”

Located in Grays Harbor County, Aberdeen and the surrounding region has a growing reputation for its green industries. Imperium Grays Harbor, a biodiesel plant, NewWood, which mixes recycled plastic and leftover wood to form insect- and weather-resistant boards, Harbor Paper, which uses biomass to help power its recycled paper mill, Paneltech, which uses recycled paper to create durable countertops and even military shielding, and Cosmo Specialty Fibers, which also gleans electricity from biomass, are all examples of Grays Harbor industries that are finding use in products that would otherwise head for the landfill, or are making strides in reducing their carbon footprint.

Coastal Community Action Program, a local non-profit, erected four 1.5 megawatt windmills in the South Beach area, and now receives a portion of its funding from the sale of green electricity.

The strong Pacific tides along Grays Harbor shores have long been looked at as potential sources of sustainable electricity, garnering a pilot study from the local Public Utility District.

Suspect Sought in Mason County Double Homicide

SHELTON, Wash. – Police are searching for a suspect in a double homicide investigation in Mason county after two bodies were found at a Shelton home yesterday morning.

Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell has identified the bodies as 19 year old Tyler W. Drake, and 37 year old Anitrea (Roxy) Leigh Taber of Shelton.
Shelton Police Lt. Les Watson tells us officers found a man and woman shot dead inside a trailer in the 200 Block of Harvard 1:00 yesterday morning. Watson said two “persons of interest” were detained.


Police said in a statement last night that the “Investigation has led to the identification of 22-year-old Charles Sydney Longshore as the shooter. Longshore is described as a Native American male, 6-foot-2, 186 (pounds), with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a large tattoo on the left side of his neck.”
Longshore is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information that might assist in this investigation is urged to call the Shelton Police Department at 360-426-4441

CERT Training Offered at Grays Harbor College

The CERT Program teaches disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact the Washington Coast and trains participants in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Courses are a total of 20 hours, spread over three days. The course is taught with classroom instruction for the first two sessions and practical exercises during the last session. Participants under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission to attend.

To register or for more information, contact Grays Harbor Emergency Management at GHCDEM@co.grays-harbor.wa.us or (360) 249-3911

Raymond School District Honored by WASA

The Raymond District was nominated for the award by Mike Hickman, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Service District (ESD) 113 – a regional agency that supports 44 school districts across a five county region. According to Hickman,

“For several months during the spring & summer of 2011 the ESD had been encouraging school districts to partner with us to offer a reengagement program for high school dropouts under 21 years old. School districts were reluctant to offer the GRAVITY program, primarily because there were widespread concerns about the potential negative impact these struggling learners would have on state and federal educational accountability measures (state test scores and graduation rates). Districts and schools would be penalized if their averages didn’t continue to go up. We are so thankful that in late August 2011 Dr. Holland and the Raymond School District Board of Directors had the moral courage to step up and accept the responsibility of serving these vulnerable youth, especially given that most of them don’t live in the Raymond area. Due to the leadership of Raymond School District, over 160 youth have had the opportunity to reconnect to public education and receive the support necess
ary to help them make progress toward critical learning and life goals. “

For more information regarding GRAVITY consortiums and other ESD 113 dropout reengagement services, contact Mike Hickman (mhickman@esd13.org).
For specific GRAVITY learning program services in the East Willapa Harbor area contact Sharon Madrid, (360) 875-9470).

Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Memorial Day Edition

We have Ruth’s hanging tomato baskets, direct from her East Hoquiam Road greenhouse. Baskets are the perfect way to grow tomatoes- slugs can’t reach them, the soil moisture is up to you, not the weather, and they can be placed in the sunniest spot you have. You’ll be plucking tomatoes from them all summer long!
Our bedding plants are thriving, ready to go into your garden.
My experience last year with planting leeks from seed means that this year I’m beginning with nice starts. I didn’t harvest mine until October, these will be hitting the dinner plate in August at the latest. We have a multitude of choices, from beans, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, squash, pumpkins, herbs- oh, and seed potatoes! We have 7 varieties of seed potatoes, and now is the perfect time to get them in the ground. You need some depth for growing good potatoes. If you’ve been creating a compost pile that needs some attention, just smooth it over and plant your potatoes there. You’ll have an abundant crop that will see you through next winter.
One of my best friends is going to France this summer. Not only that, she and her husband are riding their bicycles through France! Now this is a trip I would love to make, but I haven’t yet convinced my Joe that he wants to go biking through France. Not that I don’t have some powerful forces of persuasion at my disposal, but he can be remarkably stubborn at times. I may be an old ( older!) lady before he caves in, so for now I am quite content with make believe. When I announce to Joe that I’d like to go biking in France on Saturday, he smiles and nods, secure in the knowledge that I’m only asking that we go to the Preacher’s Slough Trail outside of Montesano.
Why, you may ask, does this compare to riding the rolling hills of Alsace or pulling up to a chateau in Bourgogne?
The very first time that we rode this trail I was overwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of a forest that was set apart from all time or place. In this small three mile trail, the outside world is blocked as completely as though by an invisible shield. The trees lean protectively, as if embracing and welcoming those who venture in. There are informational signs that speak of communities which once inhabited the backwater sloughs of the Chehalis River. No trace remains. The last abandoned house crumbled back into the earth several years ago, leaving only wisps of memory and imagination to tell its’ story. We usually chatter on bike rides, or at least I do- Joe being more the strong silent type. But the Preacher’s Slough trail subdues my instincts to talk. The great cathedrals of the world always reduce me to respectful and awestruck silence. The sunlight filtering down through the mossy branches is as achingly beautiful as any stained glass cathedral window, the chirping birds more sweet to the ear than an angelic cathedral choir.
It is when we reach the Alder tree allee that I know we have arrived in the French countryside. I have imbedded in my memory the picture of a rustic unpaved lane leading through symmetrical trees, a bicycle with a wicker basket holding the classic long loaf of French bread. There it is, the essence of France. Someday I will buy myself a beret so that the picture is complete. I already have the wicker bike basket and frequently have the bread close at hand. As we ride along I congratulate myself that our little fantasy of France is unspoiled by crowds, the air is fresh and clear, we know the language, and home is only minutes away. No passport required for our trips to France, and the exhilaration of discovery never fades. We have been to Preacher’s Slough Trail during every season of the year, each leaving us with precious memories. One winter the trees were heavy laden with snow, the snow too deep to ride our bikes. We walked along with our faces lifted upwards, marveling at the lacelike tracery of the leafless snow-covered branches silhouetted against the brilliant blue sky. The cathedral was glorious that day, outfitted in swathes of white, ready for a celestial wedding.
Every day of my life I give thanks for living in such an abundantly stunning corner of this planet. Even though I watch travel shows and know all of Rick Steves episodes by heart, there is no place else that I wish to live. Life is always a choice; you can waste rare moments wishing to be someplace else, wanting to be someone else. Or you can embrace who you are and where you live. You can choose to seek out the beauty around you and preserve it for the future. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, especially Jay Sterling, I can go to France every day if I wish. Just head south out of Montesano toward Raymond about 4 miles and watch for the trail-head sign on the right. There is good parking, and no crowds. We hardly ever encounter another soul on our pilgrimages. Bliss!
Word to the wise- you can find your crusty loaf of French bread at the Hoquiam Farmers Market ( Nancy bakes it on Fridays), along with local cheeses and sausages. I’ll try to get one of our seamstresses to make some berets. Adieu!
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manage of the Grays Harbor Farmers Market and Deidra’s Deli in Hoquiam, ph. 538-9747
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