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Hundreds of Kids, Advocates to Deliver Special Session Children’s Proclamation

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The first week of Special Session will have a memorable closing day on Friday in Olympia, when hundreds of kids, parents, and advocates stand together at Children’s Alliance’s Have a Heart for Kids Day: 2011 Special Session. This will culminate in a rally with parent and youth speakers, and a Proclamation by the Children of Washington released and delivered to legislators.


The Children’s Alliance is asking lawmakers to think of new solutions to balance the budget so kids won’t lose State Food Assistance (SFA), child care, and Apple Health for Kids: programs that work for families in hard times. The Governor’s budget proposes significant cuts to Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care, and total elimination of SFA.

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State Grants to Fund Twin-City Road Repairs

The City of Aberdeen and Hoquiam have received a combined $712,688 from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board to repair and enhance city streets through the Expanded Preservation Program.


Specifically, Aberdeen will be receiving $307,150 for improvements on State Street while Hoquiam has been allocated $227,638 to repair 16th Street from Riverside to Broadway. 


Working together, the two cities have also received $177,900 to widen, repair and enhance Myrtle Street from Cherry to Port Industrial Road.  The Myrtle Street Project was a joint application submitted by Mayor Bill Simpson and Mayor Jack Durney back in August.  Aberdeen will function as the lead agency for the project by providing project engineering and management.  The cities will work together on traffic control, construction of new ADA ramps, new sidewalk, and utility adjustments. 


“While the cities and citizens often jest about the Myrtle Street divide, this project is a prime example of teamwork and combining resources during tough economic times,” said Mayor Jack Durney. 


Mayor Bill Simpson added that, “It is always a pleasure to work with our neighbors. It is very important especially in the economics of the World.”


Aberdeen and Hoquiam are great partners working together to improve our community.  Both cities have been struggling with adequate funding to improve our roads and these grants will make a significant positive impact.

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Two residence had to be transported to Community Hospital yesterday when firefighters found them at a home in the 200 block of King street suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Captain Dave Golding with the Aberdeen Fire Department tells us the occupants stated they were running a generator indoors because they did not have power to the home.

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Day 2: Eleven Arrests on Capitol Campus

Demonstrators in the Capitol Rotunda left at 5:30 p.m. when requested by the WSP Incident Commander, Lt. Mark Arras. One demonstrator stated “we need to leave now, so we can come back tomorrow.”

“We think that’s great advice,” Arras said. “If someone gets arrested, or has to be physically removed, they get a 30-day trespass admonishment and can’t come back to the Campus. They lose the ability to be part of the important legislative process.”

Trespass admonishments are not criminal charges. They reflect that someone hasn’t followed Campus rules and they are barred from the premises for 30 days. Those who subsequently return face criminal charges at that time, and the trespass admonishment is lengthened to a full year.

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Westport Rates Rising to Brace For Infrastructure Repairs

WESTPORT, Wash. – Sewer and water rates could soon be on the rise in Westport, Mayor Michael Bruce tells us the council approved the first reading of both at their meeting last night “The %2.5 increase helps us keep money in reserves and on hand for our aging infrastructure that needs to be replaced.”
Bruce said the city also plans to discuss implications of state budget cuts at a meeting in December “We need to be prepared for what’s coming down the pipe, we want don’t want to be reactive, we want to be proactive. So we’ve got our ear to the radio on what the governor’s saying and what she plans.” The workshop will be 12:30 at Council Chambers on December 7th.

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Mason County Death Ruled Accidental

SHELTON, Wash. – Mason County Deputies are investigating the death of a 27 year old man who was found on an Oakland Bay Beach off of the Swindlers Cove Road. The man is identified as Edward Charles Cultee, 27, who investigators say was a transient. Cultee was found by a couple walking on the beach who immediately called law enforcement. According to investigators there was no obvious cause of death found at the scene. An autopsy was performed today. According to Mason County Coroner, Wes Stockwell, the death was determined to be accidental, with the cause of death being salt water drowning.

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Montesano Power Outage

Power outage in Montesano, Liz Anderson with the Grays Harbor PUD tells us the outage occurred around 4:30 this afternoon and is affecting customers in the Montesano, and Central Park areas as well as along Highway 107. Crews are responding now, no known time for power restoration has been released yet.

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