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Coffee Talk With Governor Christine Gregoire

NOTE: There is a 10 second drop in audio about 2 minutes into the interview.

Hoquiam Police Collect Drugs, Hand Out Candy

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Dropping off, or picking up? Hoquiam Police collected about 80 pounds of unused and unwanted pharmaceutical drugs at their headquarters Saturday as part of the National Drug Take Back program. Seargent Shane Krohn tells us Hoquiam officers also handed out candy to trick or treaters during Haunted Hoquiam Saturday.

House Fire Lesson: Space Heaters Need Space

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A small bathroom fire in the 900 block of Washington avenue in Hoquiam yesterday was caused by an electric heater with items too close. Captain David Joy tells us the fire could have been far worse and reminds listeners to take care of heaters, make sure they are not placed near flamables. Joy said yesterday’s fire just before 7am was contained to a bathroom in the rear of the building, no injuries were reported.

House Fire Lesson: Smoke Detectors Save Lives And Money

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Sleeping while cooking was the cause of a kitchen fire that caused about $3,000 in damages to an Aberdeen home early yesterday morning, but lack of a smoke detector is likely what made it worse. Battallion Commander Bill Mayne tells us the fire started just before 3 Sunday morning when one of four residents began cooking, then fell asleep. Mayne said had a working smoke alarm been in the rental, it probably would have alerted residents long before the fire caused any damages.

7th Street Theatre Wraps Candlestick Sign Collection

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Friday night’s Ghostbusters showing at the 7th Street Theatre got an extra special treat, announcement from Director Mickey Thurman that the Candlestick Sign Project has succeeded in collecting enough for a neon lighted candlestick sign similar to the theatre’s original. Thurman said $7,600 was raised from the engraved bricks, over $9,000 from donations & admissions at the two Jones Photo slideshows, $3,700 from Joey+Rory, $2,500 from Timberland and the rest was donated.

County, City Officials Discuss Cuts With AWC

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Privatized or not, Washington cities may loose revenue from liquor sales among other things. The Association of Washington Cities met in Aberdeen last week to discuss that states deficit with city and county officials.
 Many proposed cuts would leave smaller cities out in the rain on state programs including the elimination or reduction of liquor profits sharing, City and County criminal justice assistance, streamlined sales tax mitigation, public health back-fill funding, and the county’s .09 funding to name a few. The Association said some of the state-shared revenue programs date back to the 1930s and represent a significant source of general fund revenue.

Hoquiam Mayor Endorses I-1183

HOQUIAM, Wash. – With the city’s liquor store contract up for Hoquiam, Mayor Jack Durney this week endorsed I-1183 “I believe that government shouldn’t do what the business world can do as good or better, so I’ve been an advocate for a long time of privatizing liquor sales.” Initiative 1183 seeks to privatize liquor sales in the State of Washington, Durney said he’s always cautious of voter initiatives “You sign them based no a sound bite, and then you find out what the unintended consequences are.”
City Administrator Brian Shay said Hoquiam’s current contract liquor store declined to renew, the deadline for applicants was September 28th, and the city has not heard from the state yet on who will be a contract liquor store in the coming year.

Ocean Shores Police Warn of Bold Residential Burglar

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – Police are warning of a disturbing trend they are seeing investigating a recent string of residential burglaries in which the homes were occupied at the time, Ocean Shores Officer Chris Iverson tells us the residents were asleep at the time, and most of the homes affected have been along the golf coarse. all residents are encouraged to lock their homes and vehicles at night.

Hoquiam Cheerleaders Fight Distracted Driving

Hoquiam Cheerleaders




Inmate Shot May Have Had More Elaborate Escape Plans

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Autopsy results from last weeks shooting near Community Hospital show that Grays Harbor County inmate John Gary Lies died of a “contact penetrating gunshot wound of the neck and chest.” Aberdeen Police tell us the failed escape attempt remains under investigation, and that the county employee involved has been placed on paid administrative leave. County Sheriff Mike Wheelan tells us, Lies had a long history with the law “from a number of state, Oklahoma, Alaska. He had a couple of felony warrants and he had been charged with two felonies from Grays Harbor County as well.” Wheelan said with a history of violent felonies and escape, investigators are beginning to look at whether Lies attempted suicide, or if it was staged to get him to the hospital.