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Boil Water Advisory Lifted Central Park

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Central Park’s boil water advisory was lifted Saturday morning.

PUD Lineman Stable, Recovering

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The family of the lineman injured yesterday morning while responding to a power outage reports that he has been stabilized. 40-year-old Jason Johnson was injured when he came into contact with an energized power line around 7 Thursday morning.
Jason’s family reports he is in good spirits and talking from his bed in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center. His family wished express their appreciation for all the support they have received.

Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Autumn Edition

Honeycrisp Apples and Fuji Apples came in this morning, along with an abundance of other fresh organic produce- our prices for organic food is actually less than grocery store prices of chemically farmed products.  As a Farmers Market, it is our goal to ensure healthy, sustainable, and utterly delicious food for our community.  It is our stance that every economic bracket is entitled to quality choices for their meals.  In our grandparents time, pure unadulterated crops were the norm.  We want you to feed your families with the same confidence!  
Summer is now officially past.  I always kick and whine about the end of summer, but there is always the upside- Autumn is here now!
A moment of silence, please.  Hats off, heads bowed.  We join together as one to mourn the passing of Summer.  Summer had a brief life, but all who knew her shone in her presence.  She was dearly loved and each day with her was cherished.  Summer had a large family with numerous distant relatives outside of Grays Harbor County.  We will never understand why our precious beloved Summer never attained the stature of her long lived cousins, some of whom are still shining brightly elsewhere.  They were born with sturdier weather patterns, ones which resulted in shockingly blue skies and searing temperatures.  Summer’s family is close knit and keep in constant communication with one another via The Weather Channel.  I must say, some of those cousins seem to have volatile personalities.  In fact, interventions have been attempted in order to calm their disruptive temper tantrums.  Our own Summer had none of these faults- in fact, she was a  subtle personality; timid, shy, fearful of pushing herself forward.  It took gentle persuasion to entice her to come out, but as her confidence grew, we all basked in the joy of her accomplishments.
Summer will be missed by all.
We now welcome Autumn to our midst.  We have high hopes for Autumn.  Why, I recall a time some years back when a great-great-grand Autumn tried to impersonate Summer.  That’s Autumn all over- playful, mercurial, a great sense of humor.  Autumn’s have also had their issues in the past with temper.  Many of us recall with a shudder the great Columbus Day Storm of 1962.  Naughty, naughty Autumn.  Don’t know what brought that on, but we hope to never see that side of Autumn again.  What we wish for is a kinder, gentler Autumn.  An Autumn that will make us proud.  When other counties are bellyaching about their Autumns, we want to be able to throw our shoulders back and do a bit of bragging, bring out the photograph album even.  After all, we sat through their smug videos showing their oh so precious Summer cavorting in shorts, swimming in warm lakes, gardens bursting with overabundance.  It’s only right that we have a chance to boast.  I say ‘Bring it on, Autumn!’  
I pledge here and now to be supportive of Autumn.  I will endeavor to attend all of Autumn’s special events.  Which is not always easy since Autumn is so talented that she participates in sports, music, art, hiking, fishing, biking, and  harvesting. Oh, the festivals that Autumn has!  She kicks things off next weekend with the Westport Winery ‘Crush Me, Squeeze Me, Make Me Wine At The Beach Festival’   Autumn’s favorite old TV episode was the I Love Lucy Show when Lucy and Ethel blundered their way into a grape stomping.  Get out your gypsy skirts and head kerchiefs ( I think they’re called ‘do-rags’ now!) to compete in the look-alike contest on Saturday from 1 until 3.  There will be music by the Electric Park Jazz Band, Italian Wedding Soup, and bare foot wine grape stomping.  Now that’s Autumn’s idea of a really great party.  
Autumn has definitely arrived at the Hoquiam Farmers Market!  On her very first day she delivered over one thousand pounds of the prettiest home grown Pumpkins you’ll ever see.  They were brought up to strut their stuff and make a handsome tableau on the front porch, but they love coming inside also.   The nice thing about pumpkins is that they age gracefully.  They accept the stages of their lives and embrace each with gusto.  No hard feelings when someone paints a silly face on them or carves ghoulish grins into that lovely orange skin.  When it’s time to retire to the kitchen, they beeline for the stock pot, knowing that this is the first step toward a pumpkins ultimate glory- Pumpkin Pie. 
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager of the Hoquiam Farmers Market where Pumpkin Pie is now available.

Grays Harbor Public Market
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Grays Harbor Among Counties to Receive US Grant Dollars

MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor is among 11 counties in Washington receiving a 2.3 million dollar federal grant to find solutions to chronic disease in high risk counties for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. The Washington State Department of Health announced today that the federal Community Transformation Grant is part of 103 million dollars being awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services nationwide to help reduce chronic disease. The State Department of Health said grant money will be used to expand efforts in tobacco-free living, active living and healthy eating as well as quality clinical and preventative services.

Grays Harbor PUD Lineman Injured

ABERDEEN, Wash. – An injury at the scene this morning will extend the outage time for about 200 South Aberdeen residents. Liz Anderson with the Grays Harbor PUD tells us a lineman working on the outage was injured when he came into contact with an energized power line. The lineman was transported to Community Hospital with undisclosed injuries, Anderson said the PUD will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Aberdeen Officers Find Vehicle, Victim Refuses Litigation

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Police yesterday evening searched for two men that reportedly kidnapped another on the South side of Aberdeen. Police Seargent Art Laur tells us witnesses observed an altercation between the three around 2PM, after which two men forced the third into a car then sped off. Investigators found the vehicle around 5:30, the victim was located and refused to press charges.

Shared Leave Program Works For Washington

Shared leave can also be donated for state workers in the military, who take leave without pay when they are deployed.
In most cases, workers who need Shared Leave request it, and coworkers can respond with their donations for specific individuals.

Recently, the State Legislature raised the limit of Shared Leave hours a person can receive and made allowances for extraordinary cases – legislation McMillan helped create.

“As long as I can, I’m gonna work. I need the income and the health care benefits, and it’s also really helpful to me psychologically to be able to contribute and maintain some of the professional work that I’ve done my entire life.”

The program operates at virtually no cost to the state, he adds, and is a way for coworkers to help each others’ families stay afloat when life takes a challenging turn.

BPA Responds to Copper Wire Theft

KENT, Wash. – Bonneville Power Administration is reacting to the rise in copper wire theft, by removing their copper wire. BPA met with media and engineers at their Covington Substation in Kent, WA yesterday to show damages incurred from the latest break-in. Engineers said they plan to replace solid copper wire, used to ground equipment, with copper-coated steel wire that is more difficult to cut and virtually worthless compared to solid copper. BPA Officials said in the past six months they have seen nine substation break-ins, costing the company over $30,000 in damages.

Imperium Renewables Awarded by USDA Program

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Imperium Renewables will receive the lion’s share of 830-thousand dollars awarded to six Washington energy producers. The Bioenery Program for Advanced Biofuels, supports and expands production of advanced biofuels refined from sources other than corn kernel starch. Imperium will receive 774-thousand for biodiesel trans esterification.

Pacific County Homeowner Detains Burglar

NORTH COVE, Wash. – A North Cover resident who came home to find a stranger in his home called 911, then kept the man from jumping out a window Saturday afternoon. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office tells us when 46 year old Todd Baldwin was arrested, he also provided information on other burglaries in the area over the past few months.