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Hoquiam Could Get Rail Export Business, Upgrades

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Major upgrades could be coming to Hoquiam’s rail lines. RailAmerica has contacted the city about a possible 45 million dollar export facility at Terminal three, to include portions brand new property near Bowerman Airfield. Tim Gibbs, Executive Director of the Economic Development Council tells us “They would put a loop track in, take the terminal three footprint, and use a little bit of the Hoquiam sewer lagoon that they’re filling in.”
Gibbs said the potential bulk export facility is interested in coal at first, but could expand. Projected benefits included 160 construction jobs and 60 permanent jobs, and 1 million dollars annually in B&O taxes for the city of Hoquiam when the plant is operational around late 2013.

Westport Opens Daily for Salmon on Monday

“Our goal is to provide a full season of salmon fishing in the ocean,” Pattillo said. “It’s still early, but after looking at the catch rates we’re now confident we can go to two chinook per day in the northern ports and allow fishing seven days a week at Westport without much risk of shortening the season.”


Ocean salmon fisheries are currently scheduled to continue through Sept. 18 in marine areas 2, 3 and 4, and through Sept. 30 in Marine Area 1.


Fishery managers will continue to monitor the ocean salmon fishery throughout the season, and announce any other changes on WDFW’s website at

Additional information on the ocean fishery, including minimum-size limits and area catch guidelines, is available in WDFW’s Fishing in Washington rules pamphlet, available at

Stafford Creek Offender Found Dead

A Stafford Creek Offender was found dead in his cell Wednesday morning, The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us 54 year old Daniel Johnson was pronounced dead just before 9. Johnson was convicted in 1993 of two counts of second-degree murder in Lewis County, and due to be released in 2015. The Stafford Creek Corrections Center is investigation his death.

Kurt Cobain Landing, Not Bridge

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Near the twentieth anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s album Nevermind, The Aberdeen City Council last night adopted a resolution to name the Kurt Cobain Landing near North Aberdeen Bridge, the proposed resolution to rename the North Aberdeen Bridge failed. “I do believe we should memorialize him in some way, I don’t think Kurt earned a bridge.” creator of the park, Tory Kovach said Nirvana fans from all over the world come to visit the bridge. A 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of their album Nevermind will be released on September 28, 20 years to the date that Nevermind dusted store shelves selling 30 milllion copies worldwide.

DFW To Talk Wolves, Water Fowl

During the special meeting Aug. 4, the commission will receive a briefing and take public comment on the recommended Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. The plan is intended to guide state wolf management while wolves naturally disperse and re-establish a sustainable breeding population in the state.


The plan contains recovery objectives that would allow the state to eventually remove wolves from protection lists, along with management strategies to address wolf-livestock and wolf-ungulate conflicts.


The recommended plan was developed after a scientific peer review and extensive public review of the 2009 draft plan. The public comment process, which concluded last year, included 19 public meetings and drew nearly 65,000 responses. In addition, a 17-member citizen Wolf Working Group, which advised WDFW on the plan, met with WDFW staff 10 times from 2007-2011.


WDFW will post on its website the final EIS/Recommended Wolf Conservation and Management Plan on July 28 at The website also contains information on the wolf plan development process, including past public input and the scientific peer review.


The commission, which sets policy for WDFW, has scheduled three more special meetings to discuss the recommended Wolf Conservation and Management Plan and take public comment. Those meetings are tentatively scheduled for Aug. 29 in Ellensburg, and Oct. 6 and Nov. 3 in Olympia.


The commission is scheduled to take action on the plan during its December 2-3 meeting in Olympia.


Meanwhile, the commission is scheduled to conduct a public hearing and take action on proposed 2011-12 migratory waterfowl hunting seasons during the Aug. 5-6 meeting in Olympia. Under the seasons proposed by WDFW, waterfowl hunting seasons would be similar to last year.


Also at that meeting, the commission is scheduled to take action on proposed changes to cougar hunting regulations in six counties in eastern Washington, where a pilot project authorizing cougar hunting with the aid of dogs was not extended by the Legislature this year.


WDFW is recommending an increase in cougar hunting opportunities without the aid of dogs in Klickitat, Chelan, Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties to continue to meet management objectives in those areas.


In addition, the commission will consider a proposal that would modify the criteria for determining when cougars are removed to address public concerns for pet and livestock depredation and personal safety. The proposal would allow for cougar removals when complaints confirmed by WDFW staff exceed the five-year average.


In other action, the commission will consider proposed amendments to the list of game reserves. The proposed amendments would clarify and update the boundary description for Swinomish Spit Game Reserve and eliminate the Ellensburg Game Farm Reserve and South Tacoma Game Farm Reserve.


The commission also will be briefed on the new Discover Pass and the status of key groundfish species in Puget Sound. The commission also will consider for approval WDFW’s proposed 2012 supplemental operating and capital budget requests, as well as the department’s legislative proposals for 2012.

Thieves Cut Fence, Steal Copper From PUD

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Thieves could have found more than they bargained for had a PUD Substation been active when Aberdeen Police report suspects cut into fencing at the substation at Market and A street, stealing a small amount of copper grounding wire. Police Captain john Green tells us the incident occurred some time between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Aberdeen Police Department at 538-4450

Grays Harbor PUD Not Among BPA Settlement Supporters

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Bonneville Power Administration says they have adopted a settlement agreement on their residential exchange program, Grays Harbor will not be among the %88 of the settlement’s supporters. PUD Commissioner Tom Casey said in April “I think it means, as near as I can tell, we go to court.”
The Commissioners adopted a resolution rejecting any settlement, at that meeting, Spokesperson Liz Anderson said this morning that nothing has changed. The Grays Harbor PUD continues to seek litigation.

Cosmo Exports Honey… and Honey Bees

With all the news about the depletion of honeybees over the past few years from what’s known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the mill asked local beekeeper, Jonathon Taylor, to vacuum the honeybees and relocate them to a new hive.  Parsons said it was interesting to see the bees in the vacuum container form a protective ball around the queen.  “We understand that CCD is still a big problem, but these honeybees were very healthy.”

Honey Bees Extracted From Cosmo Specialty Fibers

The honeybees aren’t the only wildlife living on the mill premises.  Mill spokesperson, Robert Buchan said that despite the noises, odor and smoke that are part of daily life at the mill, the honeybees were thriving and an Osprey nest on a light pole near the chip dump has a new family again this year.  “We also have geese, deer, at least one bear and a cat as semi-permanent residents on the mill grounds, although only the geese will walk around the main mill buildings.”

Honey Bee Nest at Cosmo Specialty Fibers

County Auditor Urges Commissioners to Address Budget Issue

MONTESANO, Wash. – County Auditor Vern Spots urged the Commissioners to get their budget in order at yesterday’s meeting “I noticed that there’s nothing on the agenda today or scheduled for the commissioners the rest of this week and I’m very concerned about loosing more time in dealing with this $734,000 budget problem we’ve got.”
Commissioner Terry Willis said the county is working to setup meetings to talk with departments about a possible %3 cut “hopefully we’ll come up with some good solutions to the county’s revenue issues.”
After a brown bag meeting last week, the county learned they are 3/4 of a million dollars in the red for the year.

Hoquiam Opts to Put Annexation to a Vote

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Hoquiam City Council last night took one more step towards annexation of the public library, Library Manager Mary Thornton told the council last night that the library board recently voetd to annex as well. The council voted 7 to 4 to adopt the ordinance requesting the County to put the issue to a vote.