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Summer Kids Need to be Vaccinated Too

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Now that school’s out, kids are gearing up for fun in the sun. Whether they’re going to summer camp, taking a vacation trip, or traveling to stay with friends or relatives, they should be protected from vaccine-preventable

AHAB Siren Testing Monday

The Monthly All Hazards Alert Broadcast (AHAB) Test will be held on Monday July 05, 2010 at noon. This month, the system will be activated by satellite relay from Washington State Emergency Management Division at Camp Murray, WA. The system

West Nile virus confirmed in Benton County Mosquito Control District

Olympipa, WA - The first sign of West Nile virus near the Benton-Yakima county line serves as a reminder for people living in and visiting eastern Washington to avoid mosquito bites. Mosquito samples collected by the Benton County Mosquito Control

Ten bears removed from Long Beach Peninsula town, Five Euthanized

OLYMPIA — Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officers and biologists last week removed 10 black bears that had been fed by people from the town of Oysterville, on the Long Beach Peninsula in Pacific County.

Five of the bears

Feds Listen to WA Outdoor Enthusiasts

SEATTLE - Hundreds of people are expected at a public meeting Thursday night in Seattle, called to consider the future of the nation's land and water resources and how to protect them. As part of "America's Great Outdoors Initiative," representatives

Salmon returns to Columbia River look good so far

This year’s run of spring Chinook returning to the Columbia River -- 291,000 adults counted passing Bonneville Dam by the last day of spring -- is comfortably above the 10-year average of 204,000. By contrast, the annual average in the

Are Your Fireworks Legal?

In 2009 there were 1,236 fireworks-related incidents in Washington resulting in more than $5.6 million in property loss. Fire service officials urge residents to work together to reduce this loss by knowing the legal consequences and taking responsibility.

Hoquiam Farmers Market News – Silver Turtle Edition

I love the idea of starting the season with setting up camp in our own backyard. There are plenty of practical reasons for doing this; the bathroom is very nearby, dinner can be cooked on a real stove and eaten

Tsunami Siren Test Scheduled for Monday, July 5th

South Bend, Washington – The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency’s (PCEMA) All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) siren system next regularly scheduled monthly test will be Monday, July 5th at noon. It is recommended that residents of Pacific County mark their

Hoquiam Farmers Market Seeks Vendors

The Hoquiam Farmers Market is offering the deal of the summer this Saturday, July 3rd! We have outdoor canopies, but we don’t have any outdoor vendors! For only $10.00 you may reserve a canopy for the day and sell your

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