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Hoquiam Farmers Market News

You have survived the Holidays!  Congratulations!  Perhaps this is why we celebrate New Year’s with such unbridled enthusiasm, huh?  It isn’t really such a big deal that the calendar is changing over, it’s that you don’t have one more gift

Best bid, proposal announced for SR 520 floating bridge pontoons

On December 23, we took an important step toward replacing the vulnerable State Route 520 floating bridge. We announced the contractor team with the

Doug McDowell spotted in a snuggy

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Commentary from the Left with Gary Murrell

Conservative Comments with Mike Yarmakovich

Feds Double Funding for N.W. Forest Road Repairs

SEATTLE - The U.S. Forest Service in Washington and Oregon is getting twice the normal amount of funding for road and trail repairs in the coming year. The two states will share just over $19 million - and the agency

EPA Takes First Stab at Curbing Big-Ship Pollution

SEATTLE - Cleaner air for the Washington coast is a little closer to reality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking steps to require cleaner fuel for the largest ships operating in United States' waters.

The high-sulfur,

Health Care Bill Contains Key Cost-Cutting Provisions Championed By Cantwell

Today, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) voted with a majority of her Senate colleagues for health care reform legislation that marks a major step toward bringing spiraling health care costs under control. The health care reform bill, passed 60-39 in a

Volcano Rescue Team gets BPA snowcat

Southwest Washington’s Volcano Rescue Team is better equipped for winter emergencies in the rugged Mount St. Helens region, following the Bonneville Power Administration’s Wednesday donation of a track-driven snowcat to the volunteer rescue group.

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WSDOT announces best value proposal for SR 520 floating bridge pontoons

ABERDEEN, Wash. - The Washington State Department of Transportation announced today that Kiewit-General Joint Venture has submitted the apparent best price and technical proposal for building new State Route 520 floating bridge concrete pontoons in Grays Harbor County.