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Drivers take note: studded tires need to be off by Tuesday, March 31

The noise made by studded tires makes enforcement easy. State troopers need only listen for violators.

Troopers of the Washington State Patrol will enforce a $124 fine for those who use studded tires after the deadline. Violators are very likely to be caught, because troopers need only listen for the distinctive noise of studs grinding on pavement.

"That's the sound of damage being done to our roads," said State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste. "If we hear it we will take enforcement action."

WSDOT advises drivers to work with local tire dealers to determine the best type of tire for their anticipated winter driving conditions. WSDOT wants motorists to be aware that a variety of studded tire alternatives are available and that they can continue to use other approved traction tires. WSDOT lists alternatives to studded tires and the damage studded tires do to state highways on its web site at

In addition, starting April 1, vehicles or combination of vehicles over 10,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) can legally remove mandated tire chains. These vehicles are required to carry chains from Nov. 1 – March. 31.

WSDOT officials do advise all drivers to carry tire chains and to monitor weather forecasts at the WSDOT Web site at

Know Before you go:

  • Get information from our Web site at before you leave your home or office.
  • 511 – This driver information phone line provides current traffic, incident and closure information. TTY users can call 1-800-833-6388. Out-of-state callers can access the information at call 1-800-695-ROAD (7623).
  • Mountain pass conditions are available at
  • Sign up for news. WSDOT offers subscribers more than 25 specialized e-mail alerts, including news and information for freight haulers, construction related traffic revisions, project updates from all around the state, and timely updates on pass conditions. Visit and click the link for "E-mail updates."
  • Twitter users can add WSDOT to their personal accounts at: . Go to for more details.


Know On the Road:

  • Overhead and roadside electronic signs
  • Highway advisory radio – WSDOT advises drivers to program 530AM and 1610AM on your radio.
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APD Have Two in Custody Following Downtown Stabbing

A Stabbing in downtown Aberdeen yesterday sent one to community hosiptal, Aberdeen Officers have two persons of interest in custody.

The stabbing occured Wednesday afternoon before 3 o'clock in the alley near Wishkah and Broadway. Aberdeen Police Chief Bob Torgerson said in the attached audio that a wepaon was also recovered.

Aberdeen police tell KBKW the victim appeard to have non life-threatening injuries when he was transported to Community, the investigation continues in this incident.

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United Way Seeks Nominees for Joel Wolff Community Service Awards

A recipient will be chosen based on the following criteria (in no particular order and with no special weight given to any single criteria):

  • Length of service
  • Impact on community needs – making a difference – real result in the community
  • Demonstration of an authentic and real change in the lives of other
  • Dedication to meeting the needs of local people
  • Reputation in the community
  • Leadership on community issues
  • Scope and/or depth of involvement in community service


Eligibility for the annual Award shall require:

  • An individual active in community service efforts who may be nominated for work done, whether volunteer or work-related.
  • The work the person is nominated for must be done in Grays Harbor County.
  • Individuals must serve the community at large.
  • United Way employees, members of the Panel of Judges or their immediate families are not eligible.
  • Nominees from previous years, who were not recipients of the Award, are eligible for re-nomination.



The nomination process shall work as follows:

  • For a nomination to be considered, the nomination form must be filled out completely and legibly and turned in to the United Way office at 101 E. Market Street, #544 in Aberdeen by May 1, 2008. An incomplete or unsigned nomination form will not be accepted.
  • Any individual may nominate more that one candidate.
  • Individuals may not nominate themselves.
  • Pertinent supplemental information, of no more than three pages, may be submitted along with the entry form. This may include letters of support, newspaper clippings, photos, etc.
  • The Panel of Judges may request additional information from nominees, the nominator, or an organization.
  • Nomination forms and supplemental information shall become the property of United Way of Grays Harbor County and will not be returned.
  • Please include a recent photograph of the nominee for publicity purposes.



The United Way of Grays Harbor panel of judges shall use the following additional selection criteria in making the annual selection in an effort to separate one nominee from another:


  • NEED                          Did the nominee contribute a needed service to the
  • ACTION                     How active and involved was the nominee?
  • INITIATIVE                Did the nominee start a new program?  Did they use new
                                        method to solve problem?  Did they initiate activities?
  • ACHIEVEMENT            Did the nominee accomplish the desired results?
  • IMPACT                   Did the nominee's efforts produce positive change?  Did the
                                        nominee provide an example to others?
  • TIME                           Did the nominee devote and significant amount of time?
  • CHALLENGE                      Did the nominee overcome unusual challenges?  (limited
                                        resources, public perception, unusual hardship, etc.)


If you have a nominee, please call the United Way of Grays Harbor at (360) 532-6260.  Closing date of nominations is May1, 2009. 




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RESULTS of Grays Harbor County Child Car Seat Patrols!

1-800-BUCK-L-UP -
The Safety Restraint Coalition
Washington's Child Passenger Safety Program
- Safety Restraint Coalition





The results are in from the first round;


Total number of contacts made with motorists – 310

Total number of citations – 174

Child Passenger Safety – Child Restraint infractions – 42 

Child Passenger Safety – Child Restraint warnings – 31 

Under 13 in Front Seat Infractions – 48 

Under 13 in Front Seat warnings – 51 

Other citations that may be of interest: 

Speeding infractions – 30 

Total Seatbelt infractions – 8 

Suspended/revoked License – 18 

Uninsured drivers – 31

Felony Warrant Arrests – 2


The Grays Harbor Traffic Safety Task Force received an $83,500 grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission to conduct a pilot project to publicize Washington’s child car seat law and fund additional law enforcement patrols of the law.  To be in sync with the law and for the best protection for their children, parents should try to adhere to the following when buckling up their child:  

  • Child ages: 0 – at least 12 months and at least 20 pounds – use a rear-facing infant seat. Keep your child rear-facing as long as your child car seat allows. 
  • Age: 13 months to age four – use a child car seat with a five-point harness.
  • Age: four to 4’9” tall – use a booster seat. Boosters should only be placed with a lap and shoulder belt.
  • Age: up to age 13 – children must ride in the rear seat of the vehicle.

Participating in this first-ever effort to reduce child car seat violations and improve child passenger safety are the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, the Aberdeen, Montesano, Hoquiam Police Departments, and the Washington State Patrol.

The local pilot project was coordinated by The Grays Harbor County Traffic Safety Task Force. Similar projects will be running concurrently in the Spokane, Moses Lake, and Wenatchee areas. The $508,500 total project budget will cover patrols, training, public service announcements, signage, car seats, printing and research to measure the effectiveness of the project.

Parents needing more information about correctly installing their child car seat or about this project can call Susan Bradbury at 360.249.3711 x576 or visit

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Coast Guard medically evacuates injured logger

Air Station Astoria launched an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew to assist. The man was taken to Bowerman Field in Hoquiam, Wash., where emergency medical personnel from the local area were waiting to transport him to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen, Wash.

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House on Track to Pass Public Lands Package — Includes Cantwell Measures

Key components of Cantwell's package:


  • Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring Act:  Creates a comprehensive national ocean acidification research and monitoring program that will take a hard look at the devastating impacts greenhouse gas emissions are having on our oceans.  The world's oceans are absorbing roughly 22 million tons of carbon dioxide every day, causing seawater chemistry to become more acidic – possibly withholding the basic chemical building blocks needed by many marine organisms.  Warmer, more acidic oceans can destroy important fisheries and food chains in the Pacific Ocean, impacting Pacific Northwest icons like Pacific Salmon. Understanding ocean acidification is critical to Washington state's marine life and economy that depends on it.


  • Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System Act:  Develops and maintains an integrated system of ocean and coastal observations for the nation's coasts, oceans and Great Lakes.  This system could help improve warnings of tsunamis and other natural hazards, enhance homeland security, support maritime operations, and help scientists understand more about our fragile ocean environment.


  • Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Act:  Establishes a coastal and estuarine land protection program within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to protect coastal areas with significant ecological, recreational, or watershed protection values that are threatened by human development, and administers grants to coastal states for acquiring coastal land for conservation and recreational purposes.


  • Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Act:  Designates the 1,200 mile Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail as a National Scenic Trail and will promote its protection and maintenance.  National Scenic Trails provide recreation, conservation, and delight of significant scenic, historic, natural, or cultural qualities.  The 1,200 mile Trail, running from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, ranks among the most scenic trails in the world. The trail includes the Rocky Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, Pasayten Wilderness, North Cascades, Olympic Mountains, and Wilderness Coast and crosses three national parks and seven national forests.  The Trail has received National Recreation Trail status in the three national parks it crosses (Olympic, North Cascades, and Glacier) and has also received Millennium status from the Clinton Administration.


  • Snoqualmie Pass Land Conveyance Act:  Allows the Snoqualmie Pass Fire District to acquire an acre and a half of Forest Service land to build a new fire station that will support neighboring communities and address safety and security needs, while helping to preserve the environment. For decades, the Fire District has operated out of an aging building that was not originally designed to be a fire station and is structurally inadequate to meet the growing emergency response needs at the Pass.


  • Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail Designation Act:  Creates an Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail through portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana to tell the story of how a series of monumental floods created the unique geology of Central and Eastern Washington and boost regional tourism. The trail would be managed by the National Park Service in partnership with the Ice Age Floods Institute, participating states, tribes, and other local entities.  Interpretive centers, signs and markers, exhibits, waysides, and roadside pullouts would be used to tell the story of the floods, provide educational opportunities, and help enhance regional tourism.


  • Wildland Firefighter Safety:  To improve the accountability of the federal agencies that administer safety and training programs, Cantwell's legislation would require the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to jointly submit a report on the implementation and efficacy of these programs.  The report must describe steps federal firefighting agencies are taking to make sure contract firefighters receive the same training as federal firefighters.  The legislation would also require a system to track the money spent on wildland firefighter safety and training. 
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WSP Rapid Deployment Force Training in Hoquiam

Statewide, there are currently 5 RDF teams strategically located throughout the state with 145 troopers that volunteer.  The District 8 team consists of 2 squads comprised of 13 members – one Sergeant (Squad Leader), an Assistant Squad Leader, two Chemical Agent Responders, and 9 line members.    

District 8 covers Kitsap, Mason, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Wahkiakum, Clallam and Jefferson Counties.   

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