Cosmopolis police replace stolen present, with support from friends

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – A Cosmopolis police officer did more than just file a report over the holidays when a child’s Christmas present was stolen from their carport overnight. Deputy Chief Heath Layman tells us the boy was still wearing his helmet when they arrived to file a report on the stolen bicycle.
Knowing there was little hope to find the bike, Layman turned to his friends list on Facebook. Within about 20 minutes he said he had more than enough for a new bike, helmet, and heavy duty bike lock from friends and family -mostly local firefighters and fellow officers.
Cosi police delivered the bike to a very gracious family, and hung around long enough to help them write down the serial numbers for future reference. Layman thanked Cosmopolis Volunteer Firefighters, as well as off-duty Ocean Shores officer Chris Iverson who helped to deliver the bike.