Cosmopolis Administrators Invite Residents to Town Hall Tonight

The city of Cosmopolis is hosting a town hall style meeting tonight following their regular council meeting to discuss some of the changes that residents might not have noticed. Mayor Frank Chestnut explained, “Knowing full well that most people cannot make it to a city council meeting. There’s been a lot of things happen the last couple of years in cosi, and most of them good. And what we’d like to do is bring folks up to speed.”

Chestnut said he’d like to showcase the city, to the city “Everything from personnel changes to admin changes, policy changes, equipment changes, [and] the Mill Creek Dam project.”

The mayor said the meeting begins at 7:00 pm tonight at the Cosmopolis School Auditorium. “And then I’m going to plant one more seed in their head in terms of facilities, and what to do about some facilities upgrades in the future.”

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The city council will also provide a chance for the public to comment during the meeting.