City of Aberdeen to Seek Very Interested Buyers for Several Properties

The City of Aberdeen will sell property from the county’s tax sale, but first, they want to know what you plan to do with it. Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson said recently, “We’ve got seven properties, and then we also have some properties on Market Street that we abated recently that we acquired through the abatement.”

The abated property he’s talking about is the recently-leveled site of a retail store and house that had been burned by transients twice while it sat empty.

Larson said they don’t want to see that again, and they want to sell to someone intent on using the properties, “Basically we’re going to put them out and say ‘hey if you want to buy this property from us we’ll sell it to you, as long as you want to develop it for something that benefits the city of Aberdeen.’ You know our real goal is to make sure that these properties are going to people that want to invest in this area rather than are looking to just hold property.”

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Most of the properties are empty lots in residential areas. Some of them, like the abated lot in the 500 block of West Market, are also zoned for business.

The seven properties purchased include

1100 W Market
116 S Monroe
1000 E 2nd
310 Exchange
1010 W. Cushing
355 N. E Street
921 W. Heron

Larson adds, “You know we’re kind of taking a proactive stance towards making sure that people who are buying property in the city of Aberdeen are interested in investing in it. And we’re looking to potentially provide some deals to people and make it worth their while.”

We should hear more from the city in the coming weeks, the mayor said he needs to get council approval before they can submit the request for proposals.