City of Aberdeen Recycles Contract with Lemay Enterprises for Solid Waste Disposal Services

The City of Aberdeen will not be moving to another vendor for garbage service after all. We’ve been waiting for more details on rumors that the deal to move the city’s solid waste contract to Hometown Sanitation had fallen through.

“The existing contract with Harold Lemay Enterprises is scheduled to end October 31st.” Aberdeen Mayor Erick Larson said during the city council meeting last night, “Earlier this year the City of Aberdeen issued a request for proposals for solid waste services and we had two companies submit responses. On the 25th [of April] the council voted to accept a proposal from Hometown Sanitation. A few weeks later Hometown Sanitation withdrew their proposal.”

Roger Swalander, site manager for Lemay’s of Grays Harbor County, told the council during the April 25th council meeting, “A few items that brought us concern are the city citing the rates, non-negotiable at 2% lower than our current rates. This is not a common practice and it brought concern with the motives.” He said that the company didn’t agree with some of the requirements when the city recently asked for vendor bids on sanitation services.

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He detailed other issues the company had, “The RFP identifies 12 breach-of-service issues that all come with fines. With a partnership in good standing, we would work through any issues and correct them quickly without [a] monetary fee being the reason for correction.”

Larson continued last night, “Since then we have been in discussions with Lemay and we have reached an agreement in principle to extend the current contract with Lemay for a period of three years to ensure continued services for Aberdeen residents.”

The mayor said the new agreement will also improve Lemay’s reporting of customer information to the city, and Lemay’s will provide information to help the city go out for bids in the future.

Herald Lemay Enterprises in Washington is owned by Waste Connections, who serves millions of customers across the US and Canada through thousands of business names.