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Crews find broken water main under Main Street in Cosmopolis

Broken water main in Cosmopolis

A leak under main street near Lions Club Park in Cosmopolis could have washed out U.S. Route 101 this morning. An 8 inch water main that runs underneath US 101 broke and spilled about half a million gallons almost directly into Mill Creek. Cosmopolis Public Works Director Darrin Raines said Aberdeen saw an alarm at about 2 AM. Crews from both cities searched along the lines until his crew found the leak under the little-known bridge on State Route 101 through Cosmopolis.

An 8 inch water main that runs underneath US 101 broke around 2AM Thursday and spilled about half a million gallons almost directly into Mill Creek.
The pipe was exposed and the brunt of the 1,400 gallons per minute that leaked out seemed to have been directed between two concrete piers. The leak washed away mud nearby but did not seem to do any damage to the bridge. Raines said they would consult with the Washington State Department of Transportation to verify no damage to the road.

Cosmopolis City crews repair a broken water main under Main Street Thursday

Historical Seaport crowdfunding for Lady Washington upgrades

Lady Washington at sunset

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport has started a crowdfunding campaign to help with some much needed upgrades. The Seaport says on their indiegogo page that recent Coast Guard inspections have found some of the fasteners are showing signs of corrosion. Lady Washington needs to be fitted with a corrosion protection system that would greatly extend the life of all her fittings and fasteners: the metal bits that hold her together. At the same time we would like to replace and upgrade the battery banks which provide power to the vessel when her generators aren’t running. The current batteries have done their duty for eight years, and they’re pretty tired.

We’ve started a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo to raise $14,113 for these upgrades. Please join other Lady Washington fans and supporters and help us keep this magnificent vessel sailing for the next generation! Watch our video and donate now! Our fundraising deadline is October 10.

Aberdeen Police Department seeking Explorers

Aberdeen WA Police Department

The Aberdeen Police Department is looking for young adults, between the ages of 15 ½ to 20 years of age to join the Police Explorer Post. Explorers learn about law enforcement first hand through training and riding on patrol with officers. Explorers serve the department and community in a variety of ways, while developing a greater understanding of the criminal justice system. This is an exciting opportunity to develop skills that will help you whether or not you decide to pursue a law enforcement career.

To find out more information and sign up for the testing process, please contact Detective Jeff Weiss by calling (360) 538-4452 or sending an email to [email protected] by September 26, 2014.

Cosmopolis sirens are just a drill

Cosmo Specialty Fibers

Sirens in Cosmopolis are just a drill today, Bob Buchan with Cosmo Specialty Fibers tells us they will be conducting drills of the mill’s evacuation procedures.  Starting Thursday, September 11, area residents could hear sirens at approximately 10:15 AM and 5:45 PM for a duration of about 15 minutes.  For anyone hearing the sirens, please be assured that there is no cause for concern, it’s only a safety drill.

Aberdeen Corporal Bret Ellis loses battle with cancer

Aberdeen WA Police Department

Corporal Bret Ellis of the Aberdeen Police Department has died after a long battle with cancer. Police Captain John Green said donations for the Ellis family are being taken by the Aberdeen Police Guild at their Twin Star Credit Union account.
A press release from the department Wednesday said all of the members and families of the Aberdeen Police Department are extremely saddened with the passing of Corporal Bret Ellis, one of our own.
Corporal Bret Ellis passed away during the night after a long battle with cancer.
He was a well respected member of the Aberdeen Police Department who represented his family, City of Aberdeen, and the Aberdeen Police Department at the highest level at all times. He was a wonderful man, Husband, Father, and Police Officer and will be sorely missed.

Westport extends Marijuana moratorium another 6 months

WA 502

The Westport City Council this week extended their moratorium on marijuana businesses, Jim Eddy spoke on behalf of the Washington State Marijuana League during the public comment period, he told the council “Given that it expires tomorrow, asking you not to pass a moratorium would probably be a little unrealistic. But I’m disappointed that you have to pass another moratorium, you had a whole year to work on this [correction: six months] and you should have worked on it, and done something, and put it some place.”

The moratorium prevents collective gardens, along with licensing and operation of marijuana processing, producing, and retail sales inside the city of Westport.

After multiple moratoriums on the matter, the Hoquiam City Council passed a zoning ordinance in September, and earlier this week adopted their revised controlled substance ordinance – which mostly just added the phrase “other than marijuana.”

Rollover accident lights small wildfire near Oakville

Washington State Patrol

A rollover accident caused a small wildfire off of US Highway 12 just outside of Oakville this morning. An infant in that wreck was uninjured.
It happened just before 2AM, the Washington State Patrol reports a 21 year old Oakville woman fell asleep at the wheel of her 2013 Toyota Scion before it drifted onto the shoulder, down an embankment and into a ditch, rolling onto it’s passenger side and into a tree. She was able to get a 6 month old baby out of the car before it caught on fire. The woman was transported to Centrailia Providence with undisclosed injuries, the child was not injured.
The WSDOT reports the road was fully blocked near Blockhouse Road for about 2 hours while the Washington State Patrol investigated. Chehalis Tribal Police, along with County and Fire District 1 responders were able to get the wildfire under control quickly.

Enchanted Valley Chalet Moved Away from Eroding East Fork Quinault River Bank

Enchanted Valley Chalet Moved Away from Eroding East Fork Quinault River Bank

Work to lift the chalet off its foundation began on Saturday and continued on Sunday.  By Sunday afternoon, four steel sliding beams had been placed under the chalet and the chalet was moved an initial eight feet east of its original location and away from the eroding bank of the East Fork Quinault River. On Monday, contractors continued the move, sliding the chalet an additional 60 feet. Contractors expect to complete the temporary relocation within the next few days.

Stock and a helicopter will be used to transport materials from the site beginning Thursday, September 11.

Equipment and materials including hardware, tools, and camp supplies were transported the 13 miles from Graves Creek Trailhead to Enchanted Valley on mules beginning September 1.  Items like steel beams and cribbing that were too large to be packed in were flown by helicopter to the site. Read more

Grays Harbor PUD reminds residents of South Beach outage

Grays Harbor PUD

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District is reminding South Beach residents of a planned power outage which will impact over 4,000 PUD customers beginning at 10:00 PM on Thursday, September 11, 2014.  The outage is expected to last until 6:00 AM on Friday, September 12.

The outage will impact all Grays Harbor PUD customers from the Ocean Spray facility in Markham west to the ocean beaches and south to Tokeland.  In all 4,837 Grays Harbor PUD customers will be impacted.

During the outage, multiple PUD crews will replace three transmission poles and one distribution switch in addition to carrying out substation maintenance work.  This is the fourth planned outage undertaken by PUD crews this summer, as the District strengthens its infrastructure by replacing aging poles and carrying out line and substation maintenance.

In preparation for this outage, customers are advised to take precautions with any electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, and microwaves by unplugging those items.  You should leave them disconnected until after the power has been fully restored.

The outage time of eight hours is only an estimate and power could be restored at any time as work is completed.  Therefore, it is not safe to do electrical work or repairs during that period of time.

Hoquiam takes a step closer to banning fireworks

Hoquiam fireworks

The city of Hoquiam last night lit the fuse on an ordinance that would ban fireworks sales and use within city limits. The Public Safety Committee submitted a report suggesting the city not ban fireworks, noting that the state laws would suffice. Committee Chair Paul McMillan said “I know that there is people that are against fireworks, and there’s people that are for fireworks. Since I’ve been on the council we’ve gone from 7 days to only letting them off on the 3rd and 4th. so there’s been some compromises already.”

After some polarized debate, the council decided to table the matter until their second meeting in October to give time for public outrage.