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Watch: Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged

Police end up detonating rice cooker filled with confetti after identifying potential terror threat. …read more

Colorado Socialite Killed by Blunt Force to Head

Coroner: Colorado socialite killed by blunt force to head, was dead for 36 hours before found …read more

Nevada Probe Detects Cheating on Standardized Test

Nevada probe detects cheating on standardized test at Vegas school, concludes adults involved …read more

Miley Cyrus Snapped a Hospital Selfie, But Should You?

Miley Cyrus did it in a hospital. Ellen DeGeneres did it at the Oscars. And even though his finger wasn’t on the shutter button, President Obama did it at a funeral. …read more

Full Episode: GMA 4/16: Korean Ferry Carrying High School Students Sinks

Backpacks Left at Boston Finish Line Part of Bomb Hoax; April Snow and Cold Hit Across East and South …read more

Watch: 1971 Cold Case: 'Consistent With a Car Accident'

Officials in South Dakota have determined the deaths of two missing teenagers was not foul play. …read more

Appeals Court Upholds Snowden Email Firm Contempt

US appeals court in Va. upholds contempt ruling against Snowden’s former email provider …read more

Suspect Found Guilty in 4 Omaha Shooting Deaths

Suspect pleads no contest and is convicted of murder in 4 shooting deaths last summer in Omaha …read more

Police: Utah Woman Gave Birth at Home

Police: Utah woman accused of killing 6 infants, storing them in garage, gave birth at home …read more

Case of Missing South Dakota Girls Finally Solved After 40 years

Cold case investigation finds women decades after mysterious disappearance. …read more

Ex-California City Leader Gets 12 Years in Prison

Former California city official sentenced to 12 years in prison for huge corruption scandal …read more

Victims in Texas Blast Choose Closure Over Answers

A year after Texas fertilizer blast killed 15, victims say they want closure over answers …read more