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Grays Harbor PUD


Grays Harbor PUD receives recognition for reliable operations

Grays Harbor PUD

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District’s reputation for reliability is growing. The PUD is one of 184 of the nation’s 2,000 public power utilities and one of four in Washington to earn the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation from the American Public Power Association for providing their customers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service.

“This is a district-wide honor. Providing our community with reliable, quality services is a huge responsibility and it’s one that everyone at the Grays Harbor PUD takes seriously,” said General Manager Dave Ward. “We have made great strides over the last year to ensure that we have a system that our customers can rely on and this designation is much appreciated recognition of that fact.”

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Phone scams targeting PUD customers continue

A phone scam in which Grays Harbor Public Utility District customers are targeted concerning overdue bills is continuing. Over the weekend, four Grays Harbor businesses reported receiving phone calls in which representatives claiming to work for the PUD aggressively demanded immediate payment on accounts they claimed were past due.

“This is an ongoing problem that our customers need to be aware of. If you receive an unsolicited phone call from a person claiming to work for the PUD and demanding money, do not under any circumstances assume that they are telling the truth and hand over financial information without checking with PUD Customer Service first,” said PUD General Manager Dave Ward.

PUD customers and local media were notified of a similar phone scam in February in which residential customers were contacted. Local law enforcement agencies have also reported a number of phone and mail scams in which the perpetrators demand money while threatening to cut off services.

Recipients of such fraudulent calls and mailings are advised to first contact company officials to verify the claim and to contact the office of your local law enforcement agency.

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PUD announces planned outage on Elma-McCleary Rd.

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District and the City of McCleary have coordinated a planned power outage which will impact PUD customers east of Elma to the McCleary city limits. The outage will begin on April 12th at 11:45PM and will impact Grays Harbor PUD customers for 10 hours.

During the outage, multiple PUD crews will undertake maintenance work on transmission lines on the Elma-McCleary Road, including the replacement of five deteriorating power poles.

The outage will impact PUD customers on the Elma-McCleary Road from the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds to the McCleary city limits. All customers on the Cloquallum Road will be impacted, including those on the Upper Falls Creek, Bush Creek and Powers Creek Roads and customers on the Stamper Road from Cloquallum Road to Upper Falls Creek Road. All customers off the Elma Hicklin Road will be impacted, as will customers on Heise Road, Rosemary Lane North and South and McKnight Road.

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Repair to line causes outage in Quinault, parts of Axford Prairie

Grays Harbor PUD crews will repair a stretch of damaged line this evening, causing a brief power outage to over 1100 customers in the northwest area of Grays Harbor County. The outage will impact a portion of Axford Prairie, Quinault, the North and South shores of Lake Quinault, including the Quinault Lodge and the Kalaloch Lodge. The outage is expected to begin at 5:30 PM today and will last for about one hour.

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PUD announces hiring of new Engineering Manager

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District has filled a key spot on its senior leadership team by hiring Schuyler Burkhart to serve as the District’s Engineering Manager. Burkhart comes to Grays Harbor from Tacoma Power, where he serves as a senior supervisor in the Transmission & Distribution section. His first day with the District will be March 31st.

“This is a great day for the Grays Harbor PUD. The hiring of Schuyler Burkhart is a tremendous addition for the District and for Grays Harbor and finalizes the team that will lead the PUD for the foreseeable future,” said Commission President Russ Skolrood. “Schuyler brings with him a track record of success as both an engineer and a supervisor. I think he is a great fit for Grays Harbor and I can’t wait to begin working with him.”

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Standoff give PUD commissioner hands-on experience in cutting power

These days, many people have two jobs, but not often do they intersect. Certainly not the way they did on Wednesday for Grays Harbor Public Utility District Commissioner Dave Timmons.

In addition to representing District Two on the Grays Harbor PUD Board, Timmons is also the Deputy Police Chief for the City of Aberdeen. On Wednesday morning, Timmons was participating in the response to an armed man barricaded in a home on the 2000 block of Harding Road in South Aberdeen. When law enforcement asked PUD crews to cut power to the home in an attempt to end the standoff, Timmons and PUD Line Superintendent Steve Easton devised a plan to shut the power off to the home, without impacting surrounding homes.

“At first it appeared the only solution was to turn off all the power on Harding Road, which would impact around 350 customers,” Timmons recalled. “I wasn’t really comfortable with impacting that many homes, so Steve came up with a way to cut the power at the pole.”

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PUD power outages down in 2013

ABERDEEN – The Grays Harbor Public Utility District power infrastructure performed admirably in 2013. Working against recent trends, the total number of power outages and total number of customer hours without power were down in 2013, according to a report presented to the PUD commissioners on Tuesday.

“This is great news for the district and our customers,” said PUD Board President Russ Skolrood. “Having a reliable system is of the utmost importance and there are still improvements that can be made, but I am proud of the advances made by our maintenance crews in 2013.”

2013 saw PUD crews respond to 563 total outages, which is 11 percent lower than the five-year average and well below the 2012 total of 731. Those outages left customers without power for a total of 154,092 hours – 14 percent below the five-year average. September was the busiest month for PUD crews with 101 outages, while system burnouts (line fuse, transformer fuse or failed conductor) were the leading causes of outages with 87. Scheduled outages had the biggest impact on customer hours (53,045).

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PUD responds to outages in Quinault, Kalaloch and Humptulips

Grays Harbor PUD crews are responding to multiple outages as a strong storm system crosses the coast.

Crews are working to restore power to roughly 840 customers in the Lake Quinault and Kalaloch area. There is no estimated time for restoration.

Crews are working to restore power to customers north of Axford Prairie. The outage is impacting roughly 271 customers and there is no estimated time for restoration.

The PUD will continue to provide updates throughout the night.

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Outages as of 9:21 a.m. January 12th

Power has been restored in the areas of Bernard Creek, Axford Prairie, Humptulips and North of Quinault.

Remaining outages:

A small pocket of customers in the Central Park area.

Approximately 550 customers in the East Hoquiam area.

Approximately 250 customer in the areas south of Montesano to Artic.

Approximately 1000 customers in Montesano in the area of Wynoochee Valley Rd.

Approximately 450 customers in downtown Aberdeen in the areas of Market, Broadway, and 1st Streets.

Thank you for your patience while crews restore power to widespread areas across the county.

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Outage - E. Hoq./Wishkah to Kalaloch

Update 11:25 p.m. – Crews have restored power to all customers in the East Hoquiam/Wishkah area. Axford Prairie/Humptulips areas to follow. Also North of Quinault there are still customers without power.

Approximately 1750 customers are currently without power in the areas from East Hoquiam/Wishkah to Kalaloch. Crews are responding and the cause and estimated time for restoration of power have not yet been determined.

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