Bogus email urges Grays Harbor residents to report to court

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Some Grays Harbor residents are getting hit with a new scam e-mail that says they have a court date in “the court of Washington” on January 17th. Hoquiam’s Municipal court reports the email usually has a subject like “Urgent court notice” then a bogus refference number, and urges recipients to open the attached file for futher details on their court date. The attachment is malware, which attempts to further infect the target computer.

This email did not originate with the Administrative Office of the Courts or any Washington courts, and neither AOC nor the Judicial Information System (JIS) have been impacted in any way. For some useful information and tips, visit the FBI E-Scams and Warnings site at

The Washington court system does not use email to inform you of any pending court dates, and urges you to delete the email without opening it.

For useful information on protecting your inbox, visit the FBI E-Scams section of their website, FBI.GOV