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10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today …read more

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Which #1 Hit from 1989 Inspired a Song on Taylor Swift’s New Album, “1989”?

By Andrea Dresdale

Big Machine RecordsTaylor Swift has already said her upcoming album is titled 1989 not only because that’s her birth year, but also because she was inspired by a lot of “late ’80s” music while making it. Now one of those “late-’80s” songs has been revealed: “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals.

Taylor’s friend, Jack Antonoff of the band fun., worked on 1989, and tells Rolling Stone he and Taylor bonded over the snare drum sound in “She Drives Me Crazy,” which hit #1 in 1989. “Taylor brought it up first, and I was like, ‘Holy s**t, you’re not going to believe this: I just sampled that snare in a track,'” Jack tells Rolling Stone. “I played her one second of it on my iPhone, and she was like, ‘Send me that track.’ That became a song called ‘I Wish You Would.'”

“I really think ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ could be on the radio now,” says Taylor of the hit by the British pop group. “It’s that timeless.”

In general, though, Taylor says she was inspired by ’80s music because, she tells Rolling Stone, “It was …read more

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Full Episode: 2020 9/16: Aspen Philanthropist Found Dead in Closet by Friend

Police Investigate Aspen Philanthropist’s Brutal Murder; Suspects Emerge in Killing of Aspen Philanthropist …read more

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Quotations in the News

Quotations in the News …read more

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Fire Damage to Mill Another Blow to Timber Town

Fire damage to mill a blow to California town where forest fire hit scores of buildings …read more

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Big Break in Ambush Probe: Suspect’s Abandoned SUV

Big break in barracks ambush probe: Suspect’s partly submerged SUV …read more

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Marijuana Industry Battling Stoner Stereotypes

Tired of the stoner stereotype, marijuana industry launches ad campaigns promoting moderation …read more

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Marijuana industry battling stoner stereotypes

By By KRISTEN WYATT DENVER (AP) — Tired of Cheech & Chong pot jokes and ominous anti-drug campaigns, the marijuana industry and activists are starting an ad blitz in Colorado aimed at promoting moderation and the safe consumption of pot…. …read more

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Woman Faces Sentencing for Buying Killer His Guns

Feds want 10-year sentence for New York woman who bought a killer his guns …read more

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Financial Markets Awaiting Any Fed Signal on Rates

Financial markets watching for 2 words as clues to Fed’s intentions on rates …read more

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