Aberdeen Transient Arrested After Attempting Armed Robbery With an Airsoft Pistol

Police arrested an Aberdeen transient last night who tried to rob a Wal-Mart customer with an airsoft pistol. While he didn’t say anything to his potential victim, he apparently pulled a realistic-looking handgun from his pants and pointed it at the man.

Steve Timmons with the Aberdeen Police Department said the 31-year-old approached a man sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot just after 10:30 pm Thursday night. The man pulled what looked like a 357 out of his waistband. Nothing was said, and the victim drove away. He then called 911 and kept an eye on the suspect as he walked West.

Three officers stopped him about a block away and took him into custody without incident. They found two airsoft pistols in his backpack. Timmons said the pistol had been modified and one was very realistic.

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The man was arrested on the weapons offense, harassment, and found to have some misdemeanor warrants.