Aberdeen Teen Injured by Leftover Fireworks July 5th

An unexploded firework injured two Aberdeen kids Wednesday. Lt. Kevin Darst with the Aberdeen Police Department said it happened just after noon at the North End Park.

Arriving officers found a volunteer firefighter providing first aid to a 14-year-old boy with serious injuries. He explained he and an 8-year-old neighbor friend were playing in the park when they found an unexploded fireworks mortar with a fuse still visible.

They carried the mortar out to Thomas Street, where they decided to ignite the mortar at the gravel parking shoulder. The 14-year-old lit the mortar with a lighter, but before he was able to throw the mortar the fuse quickly flashed and the mortar exploded. The 8-year-old was standing nearby, and he sustained minor injuries. He was treated and released at the scene. The 14-year-old was transported to the Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

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The Aberdeen Police Department encourages parents to check the area around their residences and neighborhoods for unexploded fireworks.