Aberdeen Police Thanking Man Who Helped Officer Subdue Dangerous Suspect

Aberdeen Police would like to thank a man who helped an officer in a dangerous situation recently. Lt. Kevin Darst said it started when an officer was called to investigate a juvenile with an outstanding warrant in the 2500 block of Simpson Avenue just before 4 pm Wednesday afternoon.

After confirming his identity the officer told him he was under arrest, to which the suspect replied, “No” and tried to step away. The suspect resisted and was taken to the ground, as they struggled the Officer saw him take a knife out of his jacket pocket. He stopped him from opening the knife, but couldn’t confiscate the weapon.

Someone walking by asked if he needed help, the officer said yes and the man was able to knock the knife out of the suspect’s hand. With the citizen’s help, the boy was handcuffed.

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The citizen had to catch his bus, he gave his name but the officer forgot it in the confusion.

The suspect was arrested on the warrant, adding charges of Assaulting a Police Officer.

Darst said the department would like to thank the unknown citizen for helping the Officer in this dangerous situation. If he would like to give us his name, he can contact Lt. Darst at the Police Department.