Aberdeen man kicks in door to “wrong hotel room,” arrested for burglary

A man apparently kicked in the wrong door in Aberdeen, waking a pregnant woman and man who told investigators they didn’t know him.

Police Captain John Green tells us around 2:40 Saturday morning they were called to the Thunderbird Hotel in the 400 Block of W. Wishkah St.

Responding officers saw a man known to law enforcement entering a room on the second floor when they arrived, noting that he appeared intoxicated. The officers discovered that the door to another room on the second floor had allegedly been kicked in by the male suspect. The pregnant female and male subjects inside were sleeping at the time. They told the officers that they did not know the male suspect.

Investigating officers were told that the intoxicated male they had contacted was the same one that kicked the door in of the hotel room. It appears that the intoxicated male suspect, a 26 year old Aberdeen male, was searching for some unknown and un-reported male who allegedly assaulted a female friend of his.

The suspect was arrested at the scene for Burglary in the 1st degree and booked into the City of Aberdeen Jail.

The investigation is continuing.