Aberdeen Man Chases Burglary Suspect While Calling 911

A good samaritan chased down a prowler that police say was returning to take more bikes from the driveway of an Aberdeen home last week.

Aberdeen resident John Barclay tells us he was leaving his home just before 8 am Friday morning with his two sons. He said he noticed a strange figure near his neighbors’ garage at the end of their shared driveway. At the same time, the man noticed them and left quickly. Barclay said he tried to talk to the man but he kept walking away faster, then jogging, eventually running as Barclay called 911 from his cellphone while he gave chase for about 3 blocks. He told the 911 dispatcher that the man ran down Scammel Hill and turned East on Cherry street, then he returned to his home, gathered his kids, and drove in that direction.

Barclay said police had the suspect in custody 3 blocks down the road, he identified the man for the police officers. The neighbors told investigators that one of their bikes was missing, and guessed that the man was coming back for more.