Aberdeen Man Arrested After Attempting to Take on Karate Class

An Aberdeen man was jailed after police say he tried to throw a fire extinguisher through Morningstar Karate on Market Street. One student fought back and others were holding the man down when officers arrived.

Lieutenant C.J. Chastain with the Aberdeen Police Department said that they were called to the business, in the 300 block W. Market Street, just after 8:30 PM Monday night. The 911 caler said the 28-year-old Aberdeen man attempted to throw a fire extinguisher through the front window.

During the arrest, officers observed the suspect was bleeding from fresh cuts to his face and nose.

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Witnesses told detectives that the suspect threw the extinquisher against the window, and it bounced off. When students from the class came out to investigate the loud “Bang!”, the suspect approached and punched a 24 year old Hoquiam student in the face.

Effectively defending himself, Chastain said the student returned 2 or 3 well placed punches, and the suspect went to the ground. Friends came to assist with holding the suspect down until police arrived.

The victim, who is actively involved in MMA fighting, reported that the punch from the suspect hadn’t affected him.

The suspect declined medical assistance at the jail, where he was booked for Disorderly Conduct. He told officers he was having “mental issues”, and he was hearing voices. A mental health professional was summoned to the jail for assistance.