Aberdeen Fire Crews Respond to Garbage Fire in Junction City

No injuries were reported at the scene of a garbage fire East of Aberdeen this morning. The Aberdeen Fire Department was called to the 300 block of Hagara Street of Junction City, near Sierra Pacific Industries, just before 7 am Monday morning.

Battalion Chief Damon Lillybridge said from the scene, “We got a call from across the street, they saw the fire, heard some explosions over here.” Crews were sifting through some of the burned garbage as we spoke. Lillybridge added, “Upon arrival just lots of flames in here so we’re just going to get in here, get ‘er out, and see what we can find.”

Lillybridge said there was no home on the property – or nearby, to worry about. Flames mingled between a burned-out camper and piles of tires as crews worked to contain the fire to the property.

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Smoke visible from West Aberdeen appeared to come from a third smokestack near Sierra Pacific and Lakeside Industries mills this morning.