Tsunami sirens to be tested as part of Great Washington ShakeOut

Tsunami Evacuation Route

The Pacific County All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) outdoor sirens will be tested as part of the Great Washington ShakeOut on Thursday, October 16, 2014, at 10:16 a.m. with the actual tsunami siren tone (a three minute wail). The siren tone will be preceded and followed by a verbal message. The AHAB sirens in Pacific County and the other outer Washington coastal counties are being activated to conduct a true “end-to-end” test of the entire tsunami warning system. The sirens recently installed in South Bend and Raymond will be included in this test.
This test will help familiarize residents with the sound made by the AHAB sirens during an actual tsunami warning. It will differ from the routine monthly testing that occurs on the first Monday of each month since it will broadcast an audible siren wail tone for the full three minute warning instead of a chime tone. In addition, the voice message will differ from the monthly test.
NOAA weather radios set to receive the required monthly test will also activate during this test.

Pacific County employees will also be participating in this important event, as a result the public may experience disruptions to normal customer service during the exercise.
Pacific County residents are encouraged to participate in the Great Washington ShakeOut by registering at www.shakeout.org/washington/ and by conducting a personal drill such as Drop, Cover, and Hold or an evacuation walk.

Black Press buys Hawaii and Washington newspapers

The owner of Hawaii’s largest newspaper bought two daily publications on Hawaii’s Big Island and several newspapers in Washington state including the Daily World in Aberdeen this month.

Oahu Publications, which owns the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, said Wednesday it is buying West Hawaii Today and the Hawaii Tribune-Herald from Las Vegas-based Stephens Media.

The Garden Island newspaper on Kauai also is owned by Oahu Publications, which is a subsidiary of Black Press.

The purchase of The Daily World of Aberdeen, Washington, and three weeklies by another Black Press subsidiary closed Wednesday. The Hawaii sale closes Dec. 1.

The chain now owns nearly all the English-language daily newspapers in Hawaii, except for the Maui News. Rick O’Connor, CEO of Black Press, said he’s not involved in any discussions to buy that newspaper.

“I never rule anything out, but right now we’re focusing on taking the two daily newspapers and integrating them with our business,” O’Connor said in an interview.

Black Press plans to continue printing both Hawaii newspapers on the Big Island. There are no planned staffing changes in Hawaii right now, he said.

“It would be really premature to talk about anything like that, because we just announced the transaction, and we have two months to close,” O’Connor said.

The newspapers owned by Black Press have a collective daily circulation of about 300,000 after the sale, O’Connor said.

In Washington, Black Press is considering returning the Aberdeen newspaper to publication five days a week, instead of its current three-day publication schedule, O’Connor said.

“I don’t think cutting back editions of the paper is a way to bring back customers,” O’Connor said. “We found that in Kauai where we went from six days to seven days. Customers were really excited about that.”

Black Press now owns about 45 newspapers in Western Washington, O’Connor said.

Stephens Media and Black Press had co-owned the website Hawaii.com, but Stephens sold its interest in the website as part of the deal. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“While we have appreciated the opportunity to serve these wonderful markets for a number of years, we concluded that they were no longer a strategic fit for Stephens Media,” said Ed Moss, Stephens Media CEO, in a statement.

O’Connor says Hawaii and Washington have been growth areas for the company. Both Hawaii papers will continue as dailies, he said.

Man convicted in 2011 Ore. plumbing shop killing

PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — A 52-year-old man has been convicted of murder in a fatal 2011 shooting at a plumbing shop near Milton-Freewater, Oregon…. …read more

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Man who lives in travel trailer sees it stolen

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — In Vancouver, an 86-year-old man who lives out of a travel trailer is hoping anyone who sees his stolen home will help him get it back…. …read more

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Rooster hitches ride with owner to job site

WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) — Kim Lancaster’s drive to work took her 112 miles over sometimes-rough roads. When she reached her job site along the Columbia River in central Washington, she discovered she had inadvertently taken her rooster to work…. …read more

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Horse stuck in mud winds up rescuing self

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — A fire chief says a horse that got stuck in the mud of a runoff pond on Washington’s Key Peninsula ended up rescuing himself, with a little help from a guide…. …read more

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2nd-in-command named acting US attorney in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) — Annette Hayes has been named acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Washington, following the resignation of Jenny Durkan…. …read more

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Federal grant to boost air travel out of Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell says the Yakima Airport will receive a $290,000 grant to boost travel service to Seattle and establish a new flight to Portland…. …read more

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Traffic alternatives for East Aberdeen to be detailed at October Open House

East Aberdeen Mobility Project

Find out what the city of Aberdeen plans to do about traffic at the Gateway Plaza at a Community Open House later this month to detail the East Aberdeen Mobility Project. Vickie Cummings, Executive Director of The Grays Harbor Council of Governments, told Port Commissioners in August “The task is to figure out a way to improve the mobility of vehicle, general commerce, and freight, and [to] not impact businesses while you’re doing that.” Cummings said they’ve been talking with businesses affected by traffic “Nothing new, they’re very frustrated about the issue. Everybody’s excited that we’re having this discussion and that we’re going to involve the community to find a solution.”

Their consultant David Evans and Associates came up with 10 possibilities – some more drastic than others include closing one or more of the lesser-controlled intersections. “We kind of vetted the big ones out, and we’re coming down to a final few. So later this month [August] our team of the Port, the COG, and the city, will get together again and we’re going to get the six or seven we have left down to three to present to the community.” They plan to present a final plan by the end of the year.

The open house will be held Tuesday, October 14, from 5:00-7:00 PM, at the Port of Grays Harbor Commission Chamber 111 S. Wooding Street in Aberdeen.

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Inslee: More needed to prevent oil train explosion

By By PHUONG LE SEATTLE (AP) — Citing deadly risks associated with increasing volatile shipments of crude oil through Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday said the state and federal governments need to take swift action to prevent and respond to oil spills…. …read more

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