Hoquiam Settles on Revisions to the Domestic Fowl Ordinance

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The City of Hoquiam unanomously adopted revisions to their domestic fowl ordinance last night at their city council meeting, and while some feathers did fly "I’m all for a couple of chickens, or three-four chickens, if somebody wants to have it that way, not 50 or 60 or 70 chickens, and five roosters" Edward Juren, a neighbor of one of the more prolifict poultry owners at the corner of Queen and Minor said he cannot sit in front of his own home, due to the odors coming from the property.

Anthony Crumpler, the neighbor, told the council that he has paired down the number of chickens he keeps "my neighbors that have been watching me have noticed that my chickens are being liquidated"

The revision to the ordinance changes the wording in regards to service dogs, and establishing a 10-foot buffer on property that keeps chickens, as well as setting a limit of 8 chickens if your property is smaller than 22 thousand 500 square feet. Larger property would be limited to 12 chickens, none of which in either case could be a rooster. The revised version will take effect December 31st of this year.