No cougar hunting during deer season in six counties

Donny Martorello, carnivore manager for WDFW, said delaying the general cougar hunt in the six affected counties is designed to help biologists evaluate the pros and cons of using dogs in hunts designed to manage the state’s cougar population.

"Deer hunters take cougars under different circumstances than hunters specifically pursuing cougars with the use of dogs," Martorello said.  "We need clear information on the effects of those strategies on the cougar population as we develop future hunting seasons."

Martorello said the department is taking extra steps to inform hunters of the new rules – including direct email communications with those who have hunted for cougars during deer season in any of the six affected counties.

"This is the first time in a dozen years that the cougar season hasn’t overlapped with the deer season in those counties, so it’s a big change," he said.  "We want to do everything we can to make sure hunters know about it."

The pilot hunt for cougars with the use of dogs is scheduled to run from Dec. 19 through March 31 in all six counties affected by the new rule.

Information about all of this year’s big-game hunting seasons is available in WDFW’s Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations pamphlet, available online at .