Lewis County man sentenced to 90 days for workers’ compensation fraud

L&I began the investigation after receiving tips from family members. The investigation led to the Lewis County prosecuting attorney filing felony charges. Woolf pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree theft and was sentenced Sept. 16.

“Cheating the workers’ compensation system is not a victimless crime,” said Carl Hammersburg, manager of L&I’s Fraud Prevention and Compliance Program. “Cheating hurts workers and employers financially by driving up everyone’s premium costs.”

Hammersburg thanked the Lewis County prosecutor for pursuing a plea agreement that included jail time.

Hammersburg said L&I avoided over $600,000 in estimated lifetime additional benefits and medical expenses had Woolf remained on the workers’ compensation rolls.

L&I’s fraud Web site, www.Fraud.Lni.wa.gov, includes an online form for reporting fraud. Anyone who suspects fraud may also call L&I’s fraud hotline at 1-888-811-5974.