Mason County Sheriff’s Office Receives Federal Grant

     In reviewing the successful grant, Finance Manager Mary Jean Hrbacek commented:  "Assembling the grant application was challenging but collecting the data to demonstrate the need for law enforcement funding in Mason County was not.” The application noted the loss of personnel due to recent budget cuts, but also listed some of Sheriff Salisbury’s initiatives to improve public safety.  Those initiatives include providing cell phones for Deputies official use, upgrading equipment in patrol cars, and Mason County citizens support of the Office that include volunteers donating their time, and donated office spaces throughout the County for deputies use.  Recently citizen groups have provided private contributions for the training and maintenance of a drug dog team. These initiatives also contributed to the success of the application.

     In addition to this grant, the Sheriff’s Office was awarded $77,445 from a separate Recovery and Reinvestment grant to outfit patrol cars with computers.  This advancement will permit silent dispatching for critical operations as well as real time access to databases with federal and state outstanding warrants and stolen cars.

     In these challenging economic times, public safety is still the number one priority of the Sheriff and he will continue to explore all funding opportunities for the benefit of Mason County.