Honey is the Bee’s Knees at The Hoquiam Farmers Market

Honey is simply the purest form of food in existence.  Did you know that it will never spoil?  The honeycombs are put into a spinner to extract the honey, and then it is put into jars.  That’s all.  No additives, no processing- the bees did all the work themselves!  Our honey lives in a warming cupboard, which keeps it at the perfect temperature, ready to pour out in a thick golden stream.  Biscuits & honey, buttered toast & honey, tea & honey, peanut butter & honey, carrots & honey, honey glazed ham- is there anything that isn’t better with honey?
Lest you think that the wax honeycomb is a useless by-product of the honey making, no sir!  Our favorite candlemaker, Jenny, takes all of that beautiful unscented beeswax and creates candles which will transform these darkening nights into a sanctuary of peaceful flickering shadows.  I believe it is a scientific fact that no one has ever been known to rush thru a meal when it is accompanied by candlelight.  
Clearly, the Hoquiam Farmers Market is on a mission to provide you with healthy alternatives to factory produced foods! If you lived in a city, how often would you even see a cow grazing in a field?  There are several local farmers who raise grass fed, hormone-free beef.  These cattle have the chance to live in a wide open pasture with fresh air, green grass, and plenty of time to think cow thoughts.  They are coming of age very soon, ready for that transition into food for the table.  If you are interested in purchasing a whole, half or quarter you can call Ellen at 360-532-7294 or email her at [email protected]  Tom Dineen also has beef available, [email protected]  Ph.532-7253
Speaking of healthy non-toxic food- you have a rare opportunity to view a documentary film this Friday, 7pm at the 7th Street Theatre, titled ‘Food, Inc.’   I’m not saying that this is an easy film to watch- a Disney production it ain’t- but it is an important look at the current American food industry.  The sad truth is that most of our food comes from highly mechanized sources where cleanliness, concern for the animals, safety of workers and consumer health are sadly lacking.  If you are interested, please click here    http://www.foodincmovie.com/  We do have some free tickets available at The Market.  
Diedra’s Deli will be closed the rest of this week so that Deidra can take a well-deserved break.  Not that she doesn’t love making her monster sandwiches and salads for all of us grateful, hungry folks- I know that her dedication comes thru in every single bite!  She’ll be back at the deli on Monday, ready to whip up whichever favorite you want.  Refreshed and beaming, with one of the most infectious laughs I’ve ever heard.
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