Timberland Library Warns of Late Fees Beginning Thursday – NO Amnesty

Charges for computer printouts
A charge of $.10 per page printed from TRL public access computers will begin January 2010. Staff will need the time to install an online print management system and bill/coin acceptors and update procedures for the system’s 27 libraries. There will be no charge for pages printed from the online library catalog. Again, the charge is consistent with many other public library systems in the state.
The action regarding computer printouts was taken to recover the cost of paper and toner and to reduce waste. The estimated 50% reduction in supplies and the number of printers needed, based on the experience of other public libraries will save over $25,000 annually. Annual revenue generated is expected to be at least $40,000.
Less staff time will be needed for troubleshooting and repairing printers and refilling toner and paper. Staff will help patrons who need assistance with procedures such as printing just the needed portions of lengthy documents and retrieving their prints. Pages will print when paid for; if the money is not inserted, the print job will cancel automatically after a period of time, so if a document was unintentionally sent to a printer, the patron can simply allow it to time out.
2009 budget update
A special meeting of the TRL Board was held prior to the regular meeting to discuss an amended 2009 budget. TRL Administrative Services Manager Michael Crose outlined ongoing cost-cutting actions that will result in a balanced 2009 operating budget by the end of the year, without using cash reserves. Reductions in administrative expenses, training, travel and facilities upgrades, along with leaving most vacant positions unfilled and drastically reducing the use of substitutes and extra staff hours will result in the needed $850,000 worth of cuts. The Board and administration will begin work on the 2010 budget in June.
For further information, email [email protected] or contact the Timberland Regional Library Administrative Service Center at 943-5001 in the Olympia area, or 1-877-284-6237 from other areas.