Concerned Skateboarder Talks with Aberdeen City Council Over Vandalism to Park

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A Concerned skater; Jeremy Stutesman stood before the Aberdeen council Wednesday to address concerns over the skate park "The Aberdeen skate park has turned into a Zoo" Stutesman pointed out some of the issues surrounding the park, "We got graffiti, we got broken glass, human feces, ya know, people miss using the park, constant disrespect. As a whole, from the skate board community, we don’t want the park shutdown because of what people do at night, because of a few bad people that got there."

Stutesman urged the council to do something to help improve the park, with suggestions like a fence that would limit access to walking traffic only – limiting bike access, Police patrols in the area, and a sign clearly listing the rules of the park.

He also discussed graffiti at the park, which now includes racial slurs, anti-obama statements, and vandalism to the park sign.