Hoquiam Burglary Targets Leather Jackets

HOQUIAM, Wash. – At about 5:00 am on Thursday, September 24, 2009, a man was walking on the sidewalk near the business of Chris’ Motorcycle Parts in the 500 block of Simpson Avenue when he saw that the window in the door at the main entrance to the building was broken out. The witness walked to the Hoquiam police facility to report the incident.

When officers arrived at the scene they searched the interior of the building but did not find anyone inside. When the owner of the business was summoned to the scene he discovered that the only items that were missing were about 10, heavy leather coats. The coats had been stored on a rack a short distance from the entrance to the building. At the time of the investigation it appeared that nothing else in the store had been moved or touched.

The leather coats are valued at between $99 and $150. Several of the brand names of the jackets are Leather Gallery, Wild Rider and MAS.

At the time of this release no suspects have been identified.

Hoquiam police ask that anyone who may have any information regarding the burglary or the coats call the police department at 532-0892.